How to best describe sounds to audiologist

I am looking for suggestions on how to make the most of my follow up visits and make sure my aids are adjusted well when I leave. My biggest problem is describing what I am hearing to the audiologist. What words to use etc. I just purchased the Starkey S series aids and love the sound quality I have a appointment for my second adjustment and want to be prepared.

Normal conversation seems ok, one hundred times better but sometimes certain long S’s tend to resonate or sound mechanical.

Music also does not sound perfect but I am not sure how to explain it. It is like some frequencies cross and distort.

I am not sure how to explain that so they will know what to adjust ?

The new aids sound so good I am not sure if I am being fussy or what. My hearing loss is mostly high frequency.

Thanks !


I noticed if I have a hat on, the sounds bounce off the hat in such a way that certain frequencies that are high tend to do as you mention, kind if resonate which sounds a bit like feedback is occurring. It has happened so infrequently that I have not really thought much about it as being an issue. When my hat is off, I don’t ever seem to get it.

I have the original program in both aids, then two additional programs which turn the back mic in each down, or completely off. I find, if I adjust them certain ways, I can make the feedback sound go away.

Feedback would be the squealing you would get, like if you cup your hand over your ear and aid. My Oticons are supposed to somehow supress any feedback which occurs. In that respect, they do seem to work as many times when I just start to hear the feedback, suddenly it is gone (unless I have a hat on or my hand cupped over my ear for some reason).

geapli, welcome to the forum.

Describing vowels and consonants along with loudness and clarity in particular situations always helps communications with your audiologist along with results.

You have not mentioned how long you have had these or any aids. It sounds like you are doing very well. It could be that your brain just needs time to adjust to the new sounds.

Good luck

Hi Ken,
I do hope some of the Audiologists comment on this thread. I asked this question on another thread and didn’t really get any comments. Fingers crossed someone gives us a few useful hints.

Hi Renovator, I had the same issue with my Oticon Deltas. My audi suggested I use larger domes. I had initially been fit with a #8 and now, after using #10’s for a while, feedback has almost been eliminated by going to a power dome. Occasional feedback at music concerts, but none in car or wearing hats.