How to best approximate "speech clarity" setting? (Aventa and GNReSound)

My ReSound hearing aids have already been programmed, and they are pretty close to how I want them, except I always have to activate the “speech clarity” setting in the mobile app.

I don’t want to have to manually activate this every time I put in my hearing aids, so I’d like for the default setting to have “speech clarity” already turned on.

But there’s no “speech clarity” setting in the Aventa software, so I want to know how best to go about approximating this setting.

Also, if anyone knows precisely what modifications the “speech clarity” setting does under the hood, that would be great even better.


When you acivate the “speech clarity” setting in the APP, you can find the settings of the sound enhancer have been changed automatically, the treble rise and the bass drop, I think you can refer to this to change the gain of the hearing aids in Aventa.

If you acivate the "speech clarity"setting in Smaft 3D( the new app from Resound), you can see the changes of bass, middle and treble in the sound enhancer, mybe it is more accurate for you to use this as a reference.

Wow, I didn’t even know the sound enhancer changed when activating speech clarity.

Okay, since both the frequency and gain are unscaled (no tick marks) in the app, do you have any idea how to convert the modified settings in the sound enhancer to dB offset values which can be used for the program settings?

Maybe a good way to approach this is to determine how the minimum and maximum values correspond to dB changes, e.g. the maximum gain setting in the app corresponds to +6 dB so half should correspond to +3dB, etc.

You can increase or decrease the gain by just 1dB at a time, test the effect and then make the next adjustment。