How often do you replace your wax guards?

See title.


I replace the wax guards whenever they clog up and can’t be cleared, and when I replace the domes, which is every couple of months. When I start getting feedback that I don’t usually get, it has just about always been because it was past time to replace the domes.

Only as needed, when I take out my aids out, I check and clean them, wax guards and all. Then at night they go in a dry and store. The next morning I again check the wax guards and vents. I have had my aids now for 4 months and not once had to change any of the guards.

So you take the domes off a lot to look at the wax guards. How do you “clean” the wax guards? The hole is so tiny & it has a “grill” inside it, so you can’t push anything thru.


I did when I was wearing Rite aids, now I wear ITC aids and my wax guards are a good size and easy to see and clean. Also I have never had wax issues with my ears. But I do have issues with itchy dry ear canals, so I use a solution that my ENT doctor has me use every night, and that also keeps my ears clean and free of wax.

Also the domes that I had also completely covered my wax guards and my wax guards on my RITE receivers were never messed up.

My domes (std open) cover the guards except there is a little loop at the pointy end open on the sides of the loop. The tiny wax guard gets a tiny blockage maybe 1x a month. I can tell if one is blocked when the ha stops amplifying or goes on/off. Trying to figure a way to clean them & not throw them out.


Roughly every 3 to 6 months more due to wear and tear than actual wax build-up.

Every 2 months

Thanks all, seems most just toss them & install new ones. My wax guards seem to get plugged more often, maybe every 2 weeks. If I figure a way to clean them I’ll post. I’ll send a pm to costo guy & audio gal.

I have a consumer model Jodi Vac that I use to clean my aids, and that sometimes clears the wax guards.

You can remove the domes and use your cleaning brush and wax loop to clean the wax guards nightly. That may extend the time between replacements. I do have people that have to change them more often than others, it just depends how much wax your ears produce. The Jodi Vac that jay man2 mentioned is also helpful.

That sounds good, remove domes and clean as best I can, before the wax goes inside the trap. Thanks audiogal.


I use a brush and the wire loop thingy to clean the domes, but I don’t pull them off. They are such a pain to get on that once they are on, I leave them on. Luckily, I’m not a big wax producer.

Hi my Resoud Alera’s have removable / disposable wax guards. They are not too expensive cost about £6 a pack (4-6 months worth) I change eier the HA stops working or I get feedback. That’s usually about 1-2 months for the guards and 2-3 months for the domes. I tend to pull the little pointy loop on the tip of the dome off when I fit new domes, as the original resound ones did not have the loop and my HA were set up on open domes without the loop.