How often do I need to replace my domes?

Have open domes. Been using 6 months from when I wake up till I sleep. A friend had to go to urgent care and have one of his removed from his ear as it was too old and had fallen off! Mine still feel ok. How often do they need to be replaced Don’t want to press my luck, but don’t want to fix something that doesn’t need it yet

GN ReSound recommends replacing them every three months. I replace mine every three to four months, and replace the wax guards in the receivers at the same time.

I have Rexton Quintras. Do I have wax guards in the receivers as well? I replace domes every three months or so.

Guess I’ve been lucky as they are 6 months old, yikes

I know someone with Rexton Cobalts that hasn’t changed domes in nearly 3 years. They’re still on their first set.

When I asked the Costco fitter about changing domes she merely said when I needed to change them to see her. No instruction about how to know when to change them. My VA audiologist just gave me a number of domes, but no instruction when to change them, that is unless I felt I needed a different size. The Resound User guide advises changing open domes and tulip domes every 3 to 6 months. As far as I can tell the Phonak user guide makes no mention of this issue. On line Phonak says every month. And so on. I imagine there is no set figure. Don’t the companies know how long the domes should last? I have a feeling that the average wearer knows nothing about this and does nothing about it. I also think that if they were breaking down as quickly as the companies advise changing, lots of users would be loudly complaining. Am I missing something here? Do they impair hearing noticeably after a month or two or six months, etc.?

When I started wearing GN ReSound Pulse open fit thin tube aids with tulip domes, I got in the habit of changing the tubes and domes every three months. The domes get grungy with ear wax, and I’ve developed feedback issues with the tubes during times of longer usage. Now with RIC aids, I just find changing the domes and filters every three months, especially with free filters and domes from Costco, worth it.

I think the issue with the open domes is the possibility of them letting sloppy and falling off in the canal. That’s what happened to a friend Had to go to urgent care to pull it out

So…I have Rexton Quintras from Costco. Do I have filters in my domes/tubes as well as just the tubes. they gave me several extra domes and I changed them after three months but never thought about changing the “filters”. What are these wax filters and are they separate from the domes?

The domes have a soft grid that you can squeeze to break up the wax. The receivers have a white-colored wax guard as an additional filter:

I change my tulip domes every night. I purchased 10 domes to have for stock but they all get used. You see, I take off the domes I used for the day to clean them by rinsing them with warm running water. They go in the dryer with my aids to fully dry. My aids get a clean pair at that time. Come morning, the rinsed domes I washed the night before go back in stock with the rest. Keep the domes clean and never have a problem with the receivers.

WOW… I know a few folks wrapped pretty tight. But, seriously?

Even if I had only one pair of domes I would still take them off the receiver to rinse them. Keeping a stock of domes makes it easier.

Rinsing your does from a sink of running water is the easiest and most efficient way to clean them. Nothing wow about it.

I see that there are different prices for the same open domes. This tells me that what the companies are after is quick changes to increase their earnings. Washing them makes good sense. Thanks

I have Phonak Audeo B Directs with open domes. My audiologist told me to change domes and wax filters once a month (possibly more often as I have waxy ears). But then, the VA supplies them, so it isn’t like it is a big expense for me.

When I got my Cobalts 8 years ago the Costco HIS said “hey, domes are free, just get in the habit of changing them every month” as she gave me a handful. Hard habit to get into so, I have done it whenever I think of it. Probably a dozen times in 8 years, but I do not have a wax issue.

A couple of times when travelling and the domes got waxy, I just soaked them in a glass of hot water and blew them out.

My Cobalts don’t, as far as I can see.