How much do hearing aid batteries cost at Costco?

I would like to know the cost per sheet of batteries. I believe each sheet has 48 individual batteries. Thanks!

I was able to find the prices on Costco Grocery, but the prices are slightly marked up I think:

The $9.89 price comes out to a little over 20 cents per battery.

I just bought a pack of 48 , size 13 for $8.29 at Clearwater, FL Costco. Same price for sizes 10, 312 and 675.

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$8.29 is the price inside Costco in Oakbrook, IL.

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Grocery prices include delivery.

Yes, that’s how they pay Instacart fees apparently. Still cheaper than ordering on Instacart and you get to accrue membership points.

I have found if I buy too many batteries in advance, they are no longer fresh once I need to use them.

With my aids, I average about 1 battery per aid each week. I never buy more than 48 ahead.


$9.99 Costco in Melbourne.

I bought a “carton” of batteries at Coscto 2 years ago (by accident, actually). I am just now down to my last packs, and they are lasting as long as they did brand new. Stunning how cheap they are there. I only buy from retail now if I am caught away from home without extras.

Same in Miami and Oakland stores. Cheaper than Amazon.

Mine are in the low *'8.oo range and have been for a long time.They last longer than any other brand I’ve ever used. I hve also found that the Kirkland brand A,AA,& AAA batteries are a good buy and last as long as Duracells.

My habit was to buy a year’s supply from Costco each June. Last year I thought a change might be good so I bought a year’s supply of Duracell Activate 312. Sadly they were more expensive and last 1 day less than the Costco 312’s. I still have Costco batteries on hand and pop them in once in awhile to remind myself of the Costco quality.

My sense is that Costco batteries generally last longer than other batteries I’ve tried, so I consider them good value.

EXCEPT that I sometimes have the frustration of new batteries dying right away. Once in a great while, it’s within minutes. More often, I will find the battery level severely reduced (as low as 50 or 60% of capacity) within an hour or two. Sometimes they register at 90% capacity as soon as I put them in. I haven’t been able to track any consistent reason – it does not coincide with activities like streaming. They are always years within the sell-by date. I sometimes wonder if something is going on with my HAs (Oticon OPN1) that draws them down.

It happens frequently enough that I never go out without a near-to-full pack of batteries. If I have to replace one, I can’t be sure that it will last a few hours, let alone the rest of the day.