How many minutes from beeps until battery dies?

When I got my Rexton Cobalts, they gave me at least 45 minutes from the time they first started beeping until the battery went dead. I had some other problems with them, so Costco replaced them. The second pair only gave me a 15 minute warning before the battery died. Isn’t this odd? 15 minutes is not very much notice, in my opinion.

That’s about how much notice I get with my GN ReSound Pulse aids. With my Live 9’s it is more like 5 minutes or less.

I have found that the proximity of your batteries has a direct effect on how long the batteries last when the aids start to beep. Example, if they are in your pocket you get 1/2 an hour. But if you do not have any with you, then they die almost immediately!!! :wink:

:confused::confused::confused:Do you not have instructions for your aids which describe the very thing you are asking us?:confused::confused::confused:

Dude, why read the manual when you have the interwebs! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to take them back to Costco, anyway, as they are having some other problems. I’ll ask the audiologist about it. I’m sure he’ll give me his “pat answer”. That’s why I like gettting opinions from others on this board.

Yeah, I know, I hear ya.
I can just sit here and do everyone’s researching for them.
Hey, perhaps I could start charging by the hour.

On second thought, forget it, I have plenty to do around here.

Actually, my manual tells me how the beeps work for warning me that the battery is going, but I never took the time to memorize the timing, so when the beeps start, I just know that, within approximately an hour or less, I had better have two batteries waiting to go in or I will be walking around in the dark.

That’s not right.

I will be walking around saying “what, I’m sorry, what was it you said?”

Battery monitoring is a very complex art.

Also batteries are simply gobs of goo, so they all work differently.

You can have from zero seconds warning to maybe an hour … but NOTHING is predictable.

Hmmm…So you’re saying it’s a function of the battery, not the hearing aids?

I am with English…

I have found that they all seem to fade away differently.
Power One work well right up to the time they go dead.
Some seem to fade away over days.
Some brands seem to start a fade - echo phase.
I get 2 weeks out of most, however, I am not disciplined enough to just change them on a schedule.
This can all vary significantly depending how long I have them in or if I take them out for some reason…which happens.
I just bought about 20 packs from Local Battery and keep a pack in my desk, car, home…where ever so I am never very far from replacements.
I just don’t worry about it.

Love it English, gobs of goo!

BR (Before Rechargeable) my batteries were not all that predictable and when I was trialing the Rexton Insite CIC, it would give me the signal and then when it died, if I left it in my ear long enough without changing the battery, the dead battery would recover a little bit of power and the aid would come back on for a few seconds and die again.

The rechargeable (Rexton) batteries last longer than I can stay awake.

Those rechargeables are PowerOne ACCU batteries, same as came with my GN ReSound Pulse aids. My mom just got a pair of Rexton’s from Costco, and I was looking at them this weekend and verified that.

I have have the Rexton Cobalt 12+ HAs. I get less than an hour warning. If I’m at a noisy area at school, the beeps are so soft I don’t hear them. In addition, since the aids communicate with each other, when one dies due to the battery, both of them turn off. I can turn the one that has a good battery back on by opening the battery compartment and then closing it.

The last time that happened I was doing the “huh, what” routine until I figured out my aids were nothing more than ear plugs.


LOL! That happened to me last night! My wife asked me something and I’m “what was that?” and “Huh?” She says, do you have your HA’s in? I had them on and tried changing program and realized, “Oh, the batteries are dead!”

Those were my first set of batteries (312’s), lasted 9 days. I’m now on the rechargeable’s that came with the aids. Will see how they last, and beep. I found I did not hear the beep when the other batteries died.

when one dies due to the battery, both of them turn off

Mine just started doing that. “Your aids communicate with each other”, explained my audiologist. I’ve had these things for almost a year and this just started. And yes, when they both go off, it’s like having ear plugs.

My experience is that the time it takes for the batteries to go dead after the warning tone varies greatly. I have been using Power One batteries exclusively since I got my HA’s, which are Phonak NIOS.

So I have no experience with other brands, but the Power One cells vary from dying almost instantly after the tone, to lasting a couple of hours, with the tone going off every 30 min or so. Rarely do they last more than that. Obviously, if your aid is working hard when the tone sounds, then you’ll have less time before the battery dies completely.

I always carry a spare pair of cells in my pocket, protected by a battery caddie so my keys don’t short the cells out or rip the tabs off.

I’ve been keeping my spare batteries in my coin purse. A couple of times, the batteries haven’t worked. I just thought they were bad batteries, but maybe the coins are causing them to short-out.

You can get a battery caddy or battery caddy with battery tester here:

This is my experience also…