How long does a part from Cochlear delivered to my house?

My mom ordered a slimline coil for my Cochlear Nucleus 7 from a official Cochlear website seven days ago. Still hasn’t arrived yet. Any idea how exactly long will it take to arrive to my house?

is it through her insurance? if so, you will get it after insurance get approved.

Could you tell us more about this official Cochlear website?

Is it Cochlear America or a different place?

No, she bought it through self-pay.

She got it from Cochlear America

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Ok, thanks.
It’s odd because I have bought through insurance and also self pay and received the items within 2-3 days.

Are you set up on MyCochlear? Check the status of the item you bought.
Another thing you can try is the Cochlear chat line for very quick answers.

Good luck

Already have an Cochlear account. Just checked the status and it still says “In Progress”. I assumed by “In Progress”, it means it’s on its way to my house so it could be in a delivery van by now.

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Just checked the status and it still says “In Progress”.

I believe in progress means it’s still getting processed for shipment. When it is shipped the status will say “shipped”.

If my memory serves me right about this.

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Ohhhhh okay. How long will that take?

For your situation I have no idea.
Maybe doing a Chat with Cochlear would shed some light on this.

I did have one long wait for rechargeable batteries for the N7 processors once. There was an insurance approval issue that took me filling out a form before my insurance would approve payment for the batteries. This purchase took about 6-8 weeks I believe. All others have taken 2-3 days to receive the item.

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yeahhh I just found that out when my mom asked me to check my email (we kinda share the same account because my mom’s Cochlear account is apparently deleted by Cochlear themselves for no reason :confused:) and they sent me those documents to sign but I missed their emails because there’s too much stuff on my inbox. Until now, I have no clue they send you an email with those documents and you have to sign them in order to get the certain part or accessory from Cochlear.

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Are you an adult? then it is possible that your mom is not allowed to have an account because she isn’t a legal guardian.

Yes, I am. I’m 19 now.

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I asked Cochlear about this and they say the reimbursement process will take 8 weeks and I honestly refuse to wait 2-3 months for a new slimline coil for my cochlear processor.