How long between hearing tests?

Happy with KS10s; now at 3 plus years of use. The HAs seem fine (they have totally been rebuilt a few months back) but am losing some depth on Tv, etc.
How long is it recommended that a retest of my hearing should be performed? Original test was about 3 1/2 years ago. Thanks

Costco is retesting every two years.

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I think every other year is good, but am getting mine tested only when I buy new aids… which is every 3-4 years.

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Downunder they push every 12months.

I get an annual hearing test from the VA, and every six months a quick check when I get my aids checked and cleaned. I also have my primary and backup hearing aids. I can’t understand conversations without my hearing aids

I have to have a hearing test every year to monitor my hearing as i only have one good ear and that has been going up and down in range of hearing for the last two years so they wanted more frequent monitoring. Before that i was having a hearing test every two years sometimes longer

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The NHS in the U.K. is supposed to recall people every 3 years. I was last tested by them in…2017? The small matter of a global pandemic got in the way.

The many weeks waiting for a new ear mould led me to Costco who seem keen to see me yearly but have said they’re just a phone call away if need be (please make it up with Sonova…please?)

I just had one at the VA after 3 years. Guess I just slipped through the cracks and forgot to do my own follow up. Managed to get my More 1 firmware updated from 1.3 to 1.4.3