How far in the ear should the RIC be?

i am wearing two phonak audeo V90s. i originally tried the V70s by another dispenser. i wore them for two weeks without discomfort.
my current dispenser measured and fit the aids i am wearing. she recommended a smaller dome than the other dispenser. i mentioned the other dispenser had fit me with larger domes so she changed them and it seemed ok.
but that evening the domes felt very uncomfortable. i called her and she sent me two smaller domes. i changed the domes and everything seemed ok but occasionally i felt a sharp pain for a second or two.
i mentioned the pain to her on the second visit. she looked in my ears and looked at the aids in my ears.
after about a week after my second visit i started to experience a severe pain in one of my ears. i had to pull the receiver back to the point it seems to be barely be in my ear canal. the previous dispenser had shown me a way to feel with my finger if the aid was inserted far enough. but something seems to be wrong. either i am pushing the receiver too far in my ear which i’m not sure of but i am checking the same way as i did with the V70s or something. any ideas? could the dome and the receiver be sitting crooked in my ear?
i am scheduled for another visit in two weeks.

You may have scratched the ear canal wall … fairly common when messing around with cable and domes.
An otoscope examination will confirm that. If so, you will need to let the ear rest for a few days.

Alternatively, the speaker and/or dome may be pressing on one of the sensitive nerve bundles which run under the canal skin … can be VERY painful.
However the human nervous system can adapt to that over a period of time (a few days) so that the discomfort wears off.

Or the physical fit is simply messed up. Trial and error will allow you to determine that.

englishdispenser, thanks. she reexamined my ear after the first time i noticed pain. i suppose i will ask her again to look at the receivers after i insert them in my ear to determine if they are far enough into the canal.

If she looks in your ear she can determine if the receiver is pressing against the canal wall an inordinate amount. Heat the receiver wire up (not while it’s in your ear) and coax them more towards the center in order to take pressure off that portion of the canal.

steve, so the next time i see her, i should insist that she checks this closely. last week she looked but the pain was only brief so i didn’t insist. i know or at least i think i have been putting them in the same way i did before. i check them the same way as another dispenser told me to check which seemed to work fine.

could it possibly be the receivers are too long or too short?