How does one use the Trax 42 XM in a location with an FM transmission system?



My dad’s church has an FM transmitter system broadcasting on 72.900 MHz. The Trax 42 manual briefly mentions FM systems but does not go into the details. How does my dad use his trax 42 hearing aids with the FM system at the church? Thanks.



Does he have the Easy-tek device? I think the hearing aid fm receiver plugs into that. A pro would have to order it and set it up, if it is compatible with the church system.



No. He has a SmartConnect though. The link you gave gives me a 404 and I couldn’t find the Easy-Tek on the website. Is the SmartConnect the same thing [google indicates they are]?

Why does everything wireless have to through the SmartConnect for my dad’s hearing aids? The manual for them leaves that part out, implying that the aids natively support wireless. My friend has a different brand of hearing aids and they natively support Bluetooth without something like the Smart/Easy-Tek.