How do you keep your ears dry?

I’ve seen several recommended methods. But, all the air dryers for hearing aids that I can find are notoriously underpowered and do nothing for my ears.

The only thing that works for me is a real hair dryer - that’s the only thing that’s powerful enough.

I have seen suggestions on this board referring to using q-tips but with kleenex/tissue instead. I may try that!!

The other thing I have seen is mention of a hair dryer attachment. What kind of attachment do I need? I have not been able to find anything on Google through a 5-10 minute search. (I would rather buy one that works than make it myself).

Looking for ideas.

I bought some Dear Buds but haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

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That’s what I do! I just set the temp to cool and BLAST AWAY! I pull my ear cups to allow the air to gush right into the ear canal. Takes maybe 5 sec?

I use a towel and q-tip. I blow dry my hair daily, but I always use earplugs when i use the dryer - they are very damaging.

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I have used Mack’s ear dryer for many years. It is great. It was developed for surfers. Using the hair dryer was too powerful and gave me ear infections.

Just tested my wifes blow dryer and it blows at 111db at 1400 watts. Thinking that probably isnt good for the hearing


Not a problem for my hearing, mr.smithster, which is 100% deaf in my left ear, and only 50% hearing in my right.