How do I connect my Oticon TV Adapter?

I am having a problem hooking up an Oticon TV adapter

In what way? Tell us more.

I just hooked mine up the other week after working my way through it. The best option that I found was to use the optical out (TOSLink) from the TV set. All of my inputs, blu-ray, cable, etc connect to the TV by HDMI and then the Oticon is connected to the optical out. From the Oticon I run another optical cable to my receiver so that I can use the surround sound.

I had hoped that I could do the reverse and run all inputs through the receiver and then optical to the Oticon and 1 HDMI to the TV, however, I couldn’t figure the output from the receiver to do this.

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Thank you Brian. I think I just found my connection on the TV. Not very handy with electronics but I will try that.

Wow. I just received my unit and hooked it up to that digital optic TOS link.

Wow! And the controls from my iPhone and the Oticon App are just super.

I am hearing stuff my wife can not hear. The sound is so clear and crisp.

What is an optic TOS link? I was unable to hook mine up to the TV so returned it to the HA shop while he orders new HAs. They are Oticon ITE and being replaced by a full shell instead of a half shell (too small).

Do a google or internet search for “tos link”. It’s a small square connection.
If your TV is older it may not have a TOS link.

when it come to the TV connect everything is there you need to connect the device, and there are full instructions on how to connect it and how to pair the hearing aids to it. Now it doesn’t have the instructions for your TV that you will have to look up yourself. All TVs are different in how it is connected even for the same brands.
I have ITE half shell OPN1 aids and I love them. I am 72 and have no issues with the size. What I love most is that I can hear the TV even when the speakers are muted on the TV and or my mics on my hearing aids. My wife can sleep and I can still enjoy the TV.

Hi, I agree with the above. The TOS link is a Fiber Optic Digital link. TVs in the past 5 years may have them. Newer Smart TVs for sure. Look for it on the TV first. I am sure the RCA connectors work just fine, but as an Electrical Engineer, use Fiber Optic Digital if you can.

I can not tell you how clear the sound is and with my iPhone and the Opticon app, how much control I have.

My wife just learned that if I am watching TV, and she talks to me, I may not hear her based on how I have the Stream to Background levels set.
But, if she hits the Mute button, it turns off my Stream feed and I can hear her just fine.

Lastly, this AM I learned that the Today Show is in Stereo. I have not heard that detail in a very long time.


On my TV I hear the the TV even with the TV muted, It doesn’t change the volume to my aids. Also she can change the TV speaker volume and it doesn’t change the volume I hear over the TV connect.

I will add, last night while watching a show with the main actors talking and stuff, I heard the sounds of a maid in the background folding sheets.

I asked my wife about that, and did a rewind, My wife did not hear it.

I hear the tick of 2 different clocks that were in the same room.

All I can say is Wow, and I will be giving my Audi a gift for her suggestion.

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I have been following you for some time and have even learned things so thank you.
I don’t understand how you are able to control the tiny controls on the back of the Oticon. Trying to find the control will nearly always have me cause it to beep the program. I am older than you and don’t have the dexterity I once had so am getting a whole shell set.
I have a severe loss from a familiar cause so I cannot understand speech unless it is one to one.
My TV is a Panasonic 50" from 2010 and nothing in the instruction book labels a TOS but I am going to try it again when my new HAs arrive.
Just yesterday the Audio used a Hearing Scanner on me to learn more about helping my speech recognition. Have you heard of that?
Thank you to all who replied regarding the TV connect.

That sounds of a TV most likely doesn’t have the digital audio. I have always preferred the ITE aids and have gotten use to the controls. Before retirement I was a hardware and software technician and I am use to dealing with some devices and controls. I have even built my own radios and TVs

Maggie, …"I don’t understand how you are able to control the tiny controls on the back of the Oticon. "

Load and use the Oticon App. It gives you big finger control over your HAs.

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If you take a look on the back/side of the TV where your connections are, is there a glowing red square? If so, this is the fibre optic / TOS Link connection that we’re referring to. The black centre section is just a trap door to prevent dust from getting into the connection.

My buttons on the back are setup with volume only and a long hold for mute. For program changes, I agree with @cvkemp and I use the app. With my Android, I have the app setup to appear as a notification and can swipe to access and change programs without having to open the app itself. Probably my favorite part of the functionality is the not having to open the app for any of the main functions.

edit: looking at a Panasonic TV picture, the TOSLink is labeled digital audio out.

Thank you and I just now found the Oticon App on my Android cell phone. Now I will spend the afternoon learning how to use it.
I am also trying to learn how to reply to your message. There is no send button.