How do I connect my Oticon TV Adapter?

I am having a problem hooking up an Oticon TV adapter

In what way? Tell us more.

I just hooked mine up the other week after working my way through it. The best option that I found was to use the optical out (TOSLink) from the TV set. All of my inputs, blu-ray, cable, etc connect to the TV by HDMI and then the Oticon is connected to the optical out. From the Oticon I run another optical cable to my receiver so that I can use the surround sound.

I had hoped that I could do the reverse and run all inputs through the receiver and then optical to the Oticon and 1 HDMI to the TV, however, I couldn’t figure the output from the receiver to do this.

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Thank you Brian. I think I just found my connection on the TV. Not very handy with electronics but I will try that.

Wow. I just received my unit and hooked it up to that digital optic TOS link.

Wow! And the controls from my iPhone and the Oticon App are just super.

I am hearing stuff my wife can not hear. The sound is so clear and crisp.