How can I get FM Successware?

I have been hunting around for a copy of FM Successware to no avail. I am considering a Phonak FM system and will probably be choosing the new Inspiro even though it’s considered a children’s product. The problem I have is that I do need to be able to get into the menus and things to set default channels, receiver gain, my own name, etc. because there is nobody to do this for me. Astonishingly, I do not have a teacher for the deaf! :wink:

I understand they don’t want to send this out to “non-professionals” in case they use it to deafen small children with inappropriate settings, however I am currently looking at paying someone £75 to input my name on a screen (to identify it from other transmitters of the same type at events) and to select the required volume and channel. I really don’t think that’s a great use of limited funds when the software itself is free, but they won’t give it to me because I am not a “professional”. Not sure how professional I need to be in order to enter my name on a screen, but there you go.

How can I get a copy of this? Does anyone have a pile of them? Any professionals who wouldn’t mind sending for one for me? The system is next to unusable if I cannot program the gain and balance the receiver.

You can also get an amigo, the transmiter allows you to program your own receivers
you dont need to have any software

Thanks, but it’s gotta be Phonak, realistically. This is the main system in use round here, and at least if I go to events with a Phonak we know how to program ourselves onto the same channel or get enough spacing to allow us to keep separate channels. There is also a Phonak Wallpilot system in the School for the Deaf where I attend various functions and I don’t know what effect (if any) that would have on the Oticon receivers. It’s certainly easier to just walk past the Wallpilot and be automatically set on the right channels than it is to compare Phonak to Oticon channel numbers and try to synch up manually.