How accurate are online hearing test?


im going to a ent soon for unrelated issues but i imagine there going to do a hearing test . i was slightly worried about about hearing loss so i decied to try one of the apps and both showed no hearing loss but on some frequencies it would just spike and the next time that frequencie would be about the same as the others and another one would be way up there . so are these test accurate at all ?



I found that most of the online tests which just tell you if you need further testing or not will give an average of all frequencies across both ears, so if you only have a 4k notch for example, overall it can rank as normal. I find the closest to my actual audiogram but the mimi test app isn’t too far off but uses quite an annoying way to test IMO



I give so many online hearing tests but failed. Does anyone have any idea of how can I improve my hearing ability?

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These were my results, taken a couple of years ago. The yellow one was from hearingtest online and the other from a test at a hearing aid dispenser.
The online test might be of some interest but I don’t think it’s of any practical use?



Best bet is to see and Ear, Nose, Throat physician and a qualified audiologist / hearing aid specialist to get professional testing. Getting and wearing hearing aids is the only way unless you have some other medical or anatomical issues.



I took an online test using my iPhone. Tones and a series of questions. Told me that the tones show normal hearing but my answers to questions showed I had a hearing problem. Wierd since all that expensive equipment at three providers show I have a significant hearing loss which my dear wife will attest to. Probably best not to waste your time with the online stuff as they are a waste of time and just part of the marketing strategy. C