Horizon IX - know anything about them? Good? Bad? Help? Scam? or is it for mild loss only

My wife, who is always looking to help, forwarded me this URL:

I haven’t had time to investigate yet, getting ready for work, but wanted to put a shout-out to this community.

Does anyone know anything about them?

If so, is it worth my time to investigate?

Gotta get ready for work now.


They are Signia Pure Charge&ago IX hearing aids, rebadged as “Horizon”.

They are very good hearing aids, but they are not some innovative breakthrough. You can read all about them on the Signia website and about the IX technology. Any independent reviews of the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX will tell you all you need about Horuzon IX.

Horizon is the house brand of Hear.com, which is owned by Widex/Signia Audiology (WSA) and is one of their distribution arms.


Just to add, Costco carries another rebadged version of this, under Rexton name, which is significantly cheaper.
[Rexton Reach series is equivalent to Signia IX]


Thank you both. If not a breakthrough, I’ll reconsider in a few years when the Phonak warranty wears out, and I might be looking for new aids.

Not a breakthrough in that they are the same as Signia Pure Charge&Go IX.

However, the Signia IX technology was in some ways a breakthrough, and Horizon IX has that same technology.

IX technology was the first to offer multi-voice streaming so that different speakers in the same conversation could be processed separately. The IX technology also processes background noise separately from any speakers in a conversation regardless of whether it is a one-to-one conversation or with multiple speakers. All of the separately processed sound is then recombined so that you hear both speaker(s) and background noise but with greater speech clarity. Finally, IX technology processes your own voice separately to provide a more natural sound especially for those wearing closed domes. Signia is the only hearing aids with separate Own Voice Processing. It all works really well to provide a natural sound with clarity of speech even in background noise.