Hissing noise from Oticon More

I have Oticon More 1 for the last 5 months. Recently the left aid will produce a constant hissing noise on startup. If I shut down the aid and restart it goes away. Does not happen every day. Receiver failure? I know they are under warranty, just wanted to know if there is anything I can at home saving the trip to the audi. Thanks

If it didn’t happen before and all of a sudden started happening, then yes, usually the most likely culprit is receiver failure, which can be intermittent. It’s fairly easy to remove the receiver wiring from the aids and replace it with a new receiver. You just need a pointy thing (like one of those small hard tips to remove the SIM card cover from a smart phone, or one end of the paper clip) to push into the plastic tab that latches onto the opening slot of the aids to remove, then push the replacement receiver wiring harness into place.

If your audi is game to let you replace it yourself, you can ask him/her to send you the replacement in the mail to save you a trip. Mine has actually done it for me, but I had good justification because I was living out of the country at the time.

Before you call your audi up, however, you can simply try to remove and reseat the receiver harness into the aid’s slot again. It’s possible that if you sweat, moisture could have gotten into that contact slot and rusted up the contact point. One time I removed a defective receiver to find a black slimy film covering the receiver metal pins, possibly due to moisture invading that space. If it happens to you, you can try to clean it up with a Qtip and reseat it to see if the problem goes away or not.

Thank you for the information and reply. I will try to reseat the receiver.

Just an update, problem continued. Saw audi, sent aids back to get replaced, all good now. I did get a set of Oticon Real as a loaner for a week. Did not notice a huge difference between the More and Real during the week. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the update. Did they tell you whether it was a receiver problem or a problem with the aid itself? I presume that it must be the aid, because the HCP could have replaced the receiver for you in the office easily already.

Also thanks for the input on the Real experience. With your hearing loss, it’s logical to not experience much difference, unless you have sudden sound or wind issues.

I did not get any reason for the problem, just that the aids were replaced.