HIPRO Serial

A matter for forensic wich programming their HAs.
The HIPRO Serial is compatible with modern programs (Target 4.1 and Connexx 7 for example) and modern HAs?
Searching on Google I found nothing saying they are incompatible with anything. Also, the site of Otometrics indicates a model (Iogear) of USB / RS232 adapter for use with the serial Hipro.
I’m using iCube but with it I am limited to program the Phonak’s HAs. I have Siemens Artis and Nitro and would like to adjust it. Certainly the HIPRO 2 would be the best option but I think it does not justify spending so much on a hardware for personal use.
Grateful for an answer.

They will still work, the only problem you might run into with recent aids is the speed of the transmission on them is/was limited to 9.6kbs though, iirc that doubled with later soft/firmware.

If you are prepared to wait and your system has a serial port, and you don’t mind the odd timeout issue then it will probably do the job. Even the current run of USB hi-pro are being marginalised by wireless programmers. The cables/shoes and connectors are really becoming things of the past.

Grateful for the answer. I’m “with a foot back” with respect to the serial hipro exactly by what I read and what the people comment on its data transmission speed. Let’s talking about …
About cables becoming obsolete technology, I think it will take a while yet. The confidence of a LAN vs. WAN is priceless. In addition, there should be a standardization of protocols between the different HAs manufacturers (NOAHlink, maybe …). If no, may occur the same as with credit cards, you remember? Each flag with its protocol and each store with 10 or more queued readers of cards for payment … Excuse my english.

There are several different bespoke USB wireless systems already in use. I rarely use a hard wired connector at all now. Only exception is some small CIC.