Hi pro install cd

hi there everyone,is there anyone here who can supply a copy of the hi pro install cd rom,as im having a problem installing my hi pro,just cant get any of the software(phonak target oticon genie) or my computer running xp sp3 to see it find it?just not being detected at all by the software keeps telling me thats its not connected(hi pro lights up when plugged in), tried a few different drivers from the software but nothing:confused:i have the older model hi pro serial com port not the usb type ,so hoping the cd rom will do it,if not iv brought a dud of ebay!!:mad:

good luck!

let us know what solution you find.

thanks, elijah

You don’t need any install cd for the serial hipro. If you are using an rs232 serial port on the pc you just need to have the com port correctly set-up on the pc. Make sure you are using a NULL MODEM serial cable… If the lights flash on the hi-pro when you plug it in it is probably ok. Reading from the hi-pro user manal;
‘On power-up the LEDs next to the connectors on the front panel will both flash once indicating that a brief self-test is in progress.
After the self-test is finished, only the power LED will light. If only the left LED flashes, the self-test has failed and you should try powering on again.’

If you are using a serial to usb adapter there are many on the forum who can give advice about this. I have no experience of the usb to serial adapters though. Good luck.

You may need the Hi-Pro driver


But this is the Hi-pro usb driver. O.P. has the serial Hi-pro.

Hi guys,I have the driver’s installed and the lights do flash for a second when first started, iv tryed so many things to get the PC and even the software to see the hipro,just no luck at all,I’m also sure it a com port set up problem so if anyone knows the correct way to set this up please let me know,I’m also going to try a new null serial cable just to be sure there as well.

If you go into Device Manager and clic COM and LPT, select Communications Port. When the ‘Communication Port Properties’ dialogue box opens you can see at the bottom if the device is enabled. Hit the ‘Port settings’ tab to see the detailed settings and then the Advanced’ button, if you wish to change the port number .

My serial Hi-pro works well with the following port settings, I think these are normal default settings.

(My com port is set to Com 1)

Bits per second 9600
Data bits 8
Parity None
Stop bits 1
Flow control None

Under ‘Advanced’ I have ‘Use FIFO buffers’ checked and ‘Receive’ and ‘Transmit’ buffers both set to high.

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Thanks for that,I’ll check those settings and make sure I set mine the same,but when you have your hi pro running what does it show up as? does it say hi pro or just communication device?is the hi pro only detected through the software?

Hi, I don’t have it all hooked up at the moment but I think the hi-pro is only detected by the fitting software. Incidently you may find that you need to set a different com port number, depending on the computer you have. On my previous computer the port needed to be set to com2. Sometimes changing com settings can require a reboot to effect the changes (I am told).
Perhaps someone more computer savy than me can help here if you still continue to have problems. Good luck.

Hi there,well that’s something I haven’t try’d,rebooting the computer after changing the com port…where did you get the driver’s from that you have installed? are they from the software (PHONAK target) or from Noah or from the hi pro its self, I will try later tonight to put some pictures up of some of the things we have been talking about as this may point to something? Thanks

To be honest I just installed the fitting software and then simply connected the Hi-pro with a null modem lead and switched it on. I then connected to it using the fitting software. The drivers for the hi-pro are, I believe, included in the fitting software.

Hi there everyone just to let all know thanks to wireman I now have the hi pro up and running, changing the com ports and then rebooting the PC has done it me,so can now program my HA:-)

Hi, I found a good selection Hi-Pro driver, and manual.
When I installed and plugged in my Hi-Pro, I got the automatic update version in my Hi-Pro.


For anyone else having a problem with windows and serial version of hi-pro check out http://www.help2hear.org/10HA/FAQ1/3)%20Using%20A%20Serial%20Hi%20Pro%20And%20Windows%207%20To%20Run%20Phonak%20Hearing%20Aid%20Programming%20Software.pdf
Good info, especially for windows 7 and hi-pro and phonak.

I have three Hi Pro boxes and they all act funny at times.

Hopefully one day, there will be something more consistent and reliable.

Most reliable High Pro that I used, is Madsen. With a serial port COM. I chose UCB - serial adapter. There are no problems.