Hi I’m new! 👋 have you zhuzhed up your hearing aids? I’d look to see the result!

I’ve recently done up my own and it’s made me feel much more confident wearing them weirdly so I’m interested to see what you’ve done with your hearing aids.
Close up of mine below :blush:


Cool! I havent done anything to mine.

@Zebras Might have some nice Hearing aids, she posted a picture of one recently, I can’t recall the thread.

Wow those are GLAM! Where did you get the designer sox with pearly accents?

All I have is brown EarGear that I wear when I get my hair dyed at the salon. Gal kept painting over my aids which made me worry in case she slapped dye on the mics.

You’ve got GAME. Selling some at Etsy?

Got the purple cover from hearing out loud on Etsy and also got the tube twists on etsy

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How fun is this! You GO!

Very nice, love the colors. I have a RIC and a custom mold. I painted by myself.


Dang, that is one fabulous finish.


Is that a painted on finish, or stickers/tape?

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Just make sure you don’t block the mic ports… Even if sound still gets through, it can be altered, and mess with the amplification provided by your programming.


Not my style but “You go girl!” One of my main complaints wearing hearing aids is that they sacrifice good audio engineering to keep them small and undetectable. But nowadays people go around with their large white buds sticking out and think it’s cool. Advertisers rage about how small their hearings aids are instead of how well they solve hearing problems. It’s purely a vanity thing. I’m 70 and remember when hearing aids were something men carried in their shirt pockets with a wire to an earpiece. The unkind would tease asking them the score ( as if they were listening to a baseball game on a transistor radio.) I’m intrigued by the “sock” part on yours. I could use some cushioning on mine when I add glasses and masks.

That’s cool. Did you use nail polish?

The process call hydrographics.

Thanks. I use egger lacquer products.

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This is amazing! How did you do this?

The process for this paint is hydrographics

I have Signia Aids and have tried stickers, but because the aids are not flat, they did not do well. I am nearly 80, so not going to PAINT my aids for fear of causing problems. ANY suggestions for making aids more visable!! I used to have Resound in bright red and I loved thm. But Signia only has what I call "camoflage colors. No one sees my aids - - even when they were bright red, but I need to be able to SEE them if I take one out and set it down somewhere!!! Any suggestions???

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