I am looking to buy my first set of hearing aids. My test results are

L 250 - 15 R -15
L 500 - 15 R -15
L 1000-20 R -20
L 2000-50 R -50
L 4000-40 R -55
L 6000-45 R - 60
L 8000-45 R - 65

SRT: L - 20 R - 20
DIS: (%) L - 96 R - 100

I have been to three audiologists and all have recommended either top of the line or mid level BTE aids in the $2000.00 to $3000.00 range (Widex Passion, Starkey Zon, Phonak IX, Othicon Epoq XIW etc…)

Is here a large difference between a $2000.00 aid and an $3000.00 aid?

How dry do I have to keep these aids? I don’t want to spend all this money and then have them ruined. Will a little sweat hurt them (I know I can’t go swimming or shower with them)

If there is some water in my ear (after showering or swimming) will that hurt the receiver?

Do I need an aid with a volume control?

Do I need to manually change programs (Widex passion)?

The audiologists have not given good answers to these questions. All recommend different aids. If any of you who have experience with with hearing aids could give me some insight I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance

you are not comparing apples with apples…

for example :
Oticon Epoq W / Phonak Exelia / Siemens Pure = similar featu.

Passion widex, Audeo = Phonak, Delta = Oticon , Starkey = Zon…

Some of the instruments are newer and thus more feat.
for example the Oticon delta is somewhat old instrument so it has less feat. compare to the other bunchs…

When you talk about 3000, you are refering to open fit, wireless hearing aids…

Volume control is something worth having, most expensive aids have something call Datalearning which the
instruments learns your volume control preferences over a period of time…
so for example if you turn the instrument up in quiet, over time the instrument will learn this prefe. this is avail. in most high end instruments…

you can get a remote control for added conve… the newer wireless aids,
when you turn volume up both instruments will switch…