Im 30 i recently found out how severe my hearing loss is and that I’ve had this loss perhaps since childbirth but I didn’t recognise the loss as I have normal hearing in my left ear.

Yesturday I purchased the new Resound Alera hearing aid with the optional tv thingy. I want to know if its normal for me to hear something in my ear but not as clearly as i can with my left ear? its kind of muffled…its really bugging me…though it wasn’t so bad yesturday :frowning:

My family and friends tell me its something i’ll become accustomed too in time and im quite unsure if I should just pay a visit to the audiologist or not. I feel kind of weird and unsure what is normal and what isnt normal with a hearing aid, any help would be muchly appreciated!!

It normally takes a few visits to get everything adjusted just right. Keep going back until it’s right.