Help? Phonak Partner Mic

A few years ago I purchased a Partner Mic but the reason for it was gone by the time I had it, so it sat in the box. Now I again have a situation where it would be a help. I charged it and am trying to pair it with my KS9s but am having no success.

It works as advertised in that the flashing blue light comes on as soon as I turn it on, but the light continues flashing for as long a I leave it like that. It never succeeds in pairing. The only other BT thing I have or ever use is my phone, and I unpaired the aids from it and turned BT off before starting this. I turned the aids on and off. No luck.

Is there something in the software that has to be changed? Am I wrong in having seen here that this should work with the KS9s, which are the Costco version of the Marvels?

Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this.

It should work with the KS9s. Try putting the hearing aids right next to the PartnerMic while attempting to pair.

I had them within the 4" they say, but I’ll try again with them right on top of each other.

You also turned your aids off and then back on (open and close battery doors)?

Yes, I turned aids off and back on.

I decided to give it one more try tonight – delete hearing aids from my phone entirely, reboot the aids, etc. Was feeling pessimistic about it, but never got farther than turning the PartnerMic on. It flashed blue, then green, and made a trilling sound kind of like the hearing aids when they are first rebooted. Which is what the manual says it does when it’s paired. And it’s working. How, when it was still flashing the pairing light when I turned it off I can’t figure, but I’m not arguing. According to the manual, it can be turned off and will still be paired when I turn it back on. So fingers crossed. There’s no one here to test it with tonight, but when I run a finger over the mics, I can hear the friction noise in my hearing aids. I’ll test it with a friend Monday.

Thanks, MDB, for trying to help. You kept me encouraged enough to keep working at it instead of giving up and tossing it.


Glad it worked. I had similar experience with mine when I hadn’t used for a long time. Persistence paid off.

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