Help needed in tuning my analogue hearing aid

Hey everyone

I am in need of help in tuning my analogue hearing aid

I am 23 years old and profoundly deaf in both ears since birth and only wear one hearing aid which is in my left ear.

I have worn analogues since a child, I was wearing a Oticon Personic 420 Power BTE until it broke last year and was told that it could not be repaired and was made to use digital, i hated it and my audiologist and i tried everything to make it sound analogue like turning compression off etc and i have taken so much time off work trying to get it tuned and a year later i am still not happy so last week i thought why not try and get my old analogue hearing model back as i miss the sound of analogue and i found a pair of Oticon Personic 425 Power Plus on eBay.

But i now need to tune them and i am asking here today for your help as my audiologist said she does not know the settings for it on the two dials on the hearing aid so i need to do it myself.

Here is my hearing aid:

So where do i start with the dials what direction should i tweak them with a screwdriver?

The green dial says: A-Gram
The red dial says: UCL

Here is my audio gram below

Thank you so much.

there’s 2 screws if you had read this link in your other post and still can’t figure it out… what exactly do yu want to know?

this is your 3rd or 4th post asking the exact same question.

dude, your hearing aid’s exterior looks a little similar to my 2nd hearing which is the Oticon Gaias LOL :smiley:

Not really much you can do with these…turn the adjustment screws until it sounds best, basically. UCL sets the maximum loudness, A-Gram probably cuts or adds low frequencies.

yes, what they said. one of the screws will adjust the loudness, the other will adjust the tonal quality (like how tinny or bassy it is)