Help me decide between Costco KS10 (= Phonak Paradise P90) and Phonak Lumity L30

Should I favor the new Lumity L30 at $2,600 discounted at local hearing aid store or Costco’s Paradise P90 equivalent at $1,400?

@al11 Vhay pay more? :thinking:
You could spend the remaining cash on accessories, like TV connector, Roger on iN,…

Depends on what’s important to you. If the Lumity’s water resistance is very important to you, it might be the way to go. the L30 is the most basic model and won’t have all of the methods of dealing with speech in noise that the KS10 has. I’d likely go with the KS10, but depending on the priorities (or how good the hearing aid fitter is), the L30 might be the better way to go.

I would get the Kirkland Signature 10/KS10.

Why? KS10 is like the Phonak Paradise P90, right? Well, the Audéo L is also like the Phonak Paradise P90. It’s the same processor/chip inside. The only things that make Audéo L better than Audéo P is the new software/speech in noise features, right?

Information Source = Phonak Audéo L Product Information PDF File.
But guess what? If you purchase the low priced model-L30, then you are giving up all those new features that make Audéo L better than Audéo P. These new features highlighted below;


Excellent points you made! Looks like the Costco is the best to purchase. I was also wondering about their Jabras.

Costco KS10 all the way. That’s what I have and they’re as good as you can get


I’m guessing that Costco’s KS11 aids will probably arrive in the next few months, and may even be the store brand of the Lumity 90 and cost cost $100 less (that’s been the trend for the past few years) than the KS10.0T.

Don’t make any hasty decisions.