Hearlink 50 to use Sirius platform or stay with the Polaris platform?

Searching the internet, I have not been able to determine whether the new Hearlink 9050’s uses the new Oticon Sirius platform or stays on last years Polaris platform. I do not see any mention of a particular platform in any of the sales literature. I don’t know what is considered a platform. Is it the main hearing processing or does it include all of the peripherals? Did I just miss this information somewhere?

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Well look at it this way, whatever Demant is running in its latest models, the Phillips will have, so what’s Intent running, Sirius + with DDN2 and 4D sensor technology, the Real is Sirius DDN 1 etc, a platform would normally include all new chip/processes features etc but sometimes they only offer a software update and call that a “new platform”

I think the Otican Real is based on the Polaris platform according to the advertising material . It occurred to me that Demant could differentiate their new Oticon Intent from the Philips and other Demant products by just using the previous platform. That would solve some of the issues regarding changes in manufacturing by allowing them to keep production of the previous SoC in place. I suppose it would need to be modified to address the new peripherals. I have no idea that this was what they would do but, as I mentioned, I could not find any information about a platform name for the Philips Hearlink 9000 aids. Of course, you are correct that it is likely the differentiation could be based just on software.