Hearing test report in the UK

Uk based. Just asked for my report and was told it’s £100 for a hard copy. Is this correct? They said they can send to a specialist.
How do I get around this? Can I request my information due to GDPR
Thanks in advance

Which hearing outfit is it?
Could you not get a free hearing test from Specsavers or Boots hearing?
Your local hospital can do the hearing test, but I think you can only take a picture of the graph, no print I think! but you will need to go through your GP.

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Small local chain. I have an NHS one which is great . Private Was slightly different so was interested in comparing and keeping for my records. Was just surprised as I was under the impression that I can have a copy as they are my results etc

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Maybe @Um_bongo can give us some insight, but I am not surprised that they will charge, after all, they did spend time with you and use their equipment.
Are you planning on getting hearing aids from them?

originally I called for a chat about nhs vs private. They said come in for a test… but they were trying to sell top of the range for something I don’t need with my loss etc. So I never gave impression that I was purchasing. Guess they shouldn’t offer free tests. With holding data doesn’t sound great

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Take a picture of the screen when you’re there?
Is Costco available through NHS?

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100% you can request a copy of your report. You can request this from your GP or next time you go to your NHS provider. This should be free of charge.


No we don’t have Costco here as such. Only as a supermarket for buying items in bulk.

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Even a private company… Or do you mean get the NHS to request a copy?

Contact your GP or NHS trust to obtain a copy. If you have gone private, they should provide a copy of your audiogram as part of the assessment fee. When I had an assessment done privately, they provided me with a report about my hearing loss, tests they had completed and my audiogram.

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Thank you. I’ll ask them to send to my Dr’s

You should be able to get this directly from them? Did you pay to have an assessment with them?

Edit: Reading above, I think it’s NHS? If so, yes, they should send to your GP if you provided the details or was referred to them by your GP so I would contact your GP if this is the case.

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You can get it for a nominal processing fee - £10-20 under GDPR.

I’m not sure whether they indicated to you that this is how they worked when you went in. We menu price on the wall: £40 for a test, but don’t charge extra for a print-out. We also deduct that fee from a subsequent purchase, so the test is nominally ‘free’ if you go ahead.

We do get people wafting in saying ‘Specsavers do a free test’ etc, but if you’re sitting down with us and benefitting from our clinic and specialist time; you’re going to have to consider that there’s a cost.

So I guess ‘caveat emptor’ is the order of the day when you book/walk-in somewhere and expect to see a professional.


Thanks. I originally called for some advice. Manager was going to call. Never did, just had a call saying come in for a free test. Was never explained about the cost. Reception has told me a hard copy is £100.

@Um_bongo Thank you



Specsavers charged me £10 admin fee for a copy.

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Never ever been charged for a hearing test, or indeed a copy of my “Audiogram”… I probably have been billed indirectly through? After a new test, I always ask for a copy, whether that’s the NHS, or my private A.uD at Boot’s, in fact my Private A.uD has got into the habit, of handing me both my previous & current Audiograms without prompting, for comparison purposes…I think, £100 for a copy, is a bit OTT, and I would be inclined to steer well clear of that A.uD, £40 from @Um_bongo seems fairly reasonable, for a no sale Audiogram… Cheers Kev :wink:


I have been to many independent and big name audiologists in UK and never been charged for a copy of my audiogram. Sometimes a copy, sometimes photographing screen. Were you just wanting an audiogram or something more comprehensive?

I am in process of getting a cochlear implant on NHS and been through 8 or 9 prepatory visits for tests and assessments over the past year. I have been sent a report after every visit.

How extensive was the testing and how long did it take?
Here in NZ I got a free test about 10 years ago where the audiologist checked my hearing levels across a small range of frequencies while I sat in a chair next to him (no offer of a soundproof booth). This took about 15 minutes
Now when I go to my audiologist I get a frequency range test, a word recognition test, a words in noise test and some physical checks on my ears & eardrums. This costs the equivalent of GBP 85 and he sends me a copy of the results, including the audiogram, at no extra cost. This takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

Wasn’t Leightons was it?