Hearing sounds in mute mode Phonak Cassia

I was convinced that my hearing aid had failed to mute, but now I am wondering if maybe I just thought I was hearing sounds because the stimulation from the hearing aid had upset nerves that preferred to remain not processing information. I was doing a trail period but I was stuck in a situation in which I could not take them out. I forced myself to keep them in my ears and I felt I could hear sounds much more clearly, but these were annoying sounds that I did not want to hear. I have always had problem with loud sounds. I feel the average person plays music much to loud and even thought I have hearing loss in low and mid range, but not high, I still thinking people blast music. Traffic noise really bothers me. Everything bothers me. Therefore, I won’t wear hearing aids to escape the torture of unwanted sounds. Even thought I know I am driving myself down a dangerous path in which I am making my hearing worse by not wearing aids. I thought a hearing aid that I could mute would be a solution, but it did not work out the way I had hoped. Now, I still cannot confirm that the hearing aid Phonak Cassia is able to mute or was it set up wrong? I could not get a straight answer from the hearing aid profession. He only suggested I should take out the batteries, which is not a solution, and I find that to be insulting. If the batteries are out, I am not using the hearing aid. Why take out the batteries when you can take out the hearing aid. The “mold” is a thin plastic type that itches unbearable the longer I wear it the more uncomfortable it becomes. I don’t like any other types of molds. I can wear silicone ear plugs happily all day, however. Can the mind generate the perception that sounds are louder when the nerves in the ears have been over stimulated?

Have you read Neil Bauman’s " The Bizarre World of Reverse Slope Hearing Loss?" I think you would get a lot out of it and how he has dealt with his reverse slope hearing loss. Good luck!

I still cannot confirm that the hearing aid Phonak Cassia is able to mute or was it set up wrong?

in your other post about this exact same thing I gave you the link to the Phonak site explaining exactly how to do via a remote just like you asked. sounds like you have bigger problems than the HAs can resolve.

yes, but I did answer back that was for the wrong remote, that you sent the link to. I don’t know why you are now offended. I did reply to you, check the thread, maybe you did not see it.

thank you for the book recommendation but I can’t find that by googling, it I only found a facebook group and when I went there it was not there.

The Bizarre World of Reverse Slope Hearing Loss is the the correct title?

I am going to learn all I can since I feel my they are taking advantage of me at the audiology center. They won’t help you learn about hearing lose, they only want to sell you something which may or may not be the right hearing aid for you. They think nothing of lying to you and saying this or that will really help you. There is no way to test out all the possible hearing aids you could. If you buy shoes you can at least try on a number of pairs until you find you like. They should have demos available.

if you wanted an exact remote you should have said that. you also need to say which model sub model you have. you were a click away from the other remote on the Phonak site. Here’s a tip go to the Phonak Pro site and click contact and send them your question and they will reply. They did when I was trialing the Nadia.

last freebie, then I start charging.
The Bizarre World of Extreme Reverse-Slope (or Low Frequency) Hearing Loss (complete and unabridged)

They won’t help you learn about hearing lose buy a book or learn how to use a web browser. btw, how old are you?
They think nothing of lying to you and saying this or that will really help you I think they would rather you move on to someone else.

btw, are you related to the other guy from San Francisco that seems to have so many problems and blames them all on the AD?

I managed to find someone on ebay I ordered from who works in a hearing aid office, and she said, that no hearing aids mute. This answers my question. I am not being paranoid, he really was lying to me. I am not hearing things that are not there. I don’t know what to do now. Do I keep the hearing that does not mute? What if they later make some in the future that does mute? Then I end up stuck with the non muter. My husband does not want me to spend unnecessary money, so he does not like me to buy a new hearing aid when I still have an old functional hearing aid.

sometimes, you just don’t know… whether to be amazed or amused…

You can have one program for very low gain, for loud environments. Your pro should be able to set that up for you, very low gain and very low mpo. So what if you hear a little bit through the hearing aid? Maybe I’m not understanding what the problem is?

I was hearing the sounds at work. I work in a headstart and the children tend to shriek when they are out in the playground. I thought having a mute would be a great solution, but the screaming was amplified even in the very low gain as you said, mode with the lowest volume possible. I thought I was getting a hearing aid I could mute and it turned out not to be the case. I would be a great feature if they could invent one that could mute. I hope they do that. People have different needs for different lifestyles. I can’t ignore the children while I am playing around with hearing aids. I can not constantly be taking them out of my ears and removing the batteries and putting them back in again.

If these are your first hearing aids it’s normal for loud sounds to be uncomfortable. Sounds like crinkling paper and dishes clanking bothered me at first but eventually your brain adjusts to it.

If the hearing aids are turned down very low you shouldn’t be getting much, if anything, through them. How bad is your hearing? You may be hearing the shrieks with your natural hearing. Even if they are off it will not be like wearing earplugs.

yes, you are so right, and my lose is low and mid range, so I may keep the hearing aids anyway. If I had known that it would be stressful to have them at work, maybe I should have waited until I was used to them. But, on the other hand the trail period is when you want to put them to the test. If use ear plugs I am compromise my ability to hear in emergencies, and it’s even worse since I am hearing impaired and if use ear plugs, I can hear even less then other people. It’s not a bad lose, I am trying to get those numbers for the hearing test, but I don’t have access to them. The numbers everyone posts at the bottom of the page in the signature line. My problem is understanding human speech. Adults are harder to understand because their voices are less high range.

The Phonak Audeo S that I trialled and the Starkey Wi pair that I’m wearing both can be fully muted either by pressing and holding the program button on 1 of the aids or from the remote (a program on the Phonaks, a mute button on the Starkeys). I also work with the small children, and agree that the ability to instantly cut off amplified screaming is essential.

Thank you for telling me about the Starkey with the mute button. I think that may be the way to go. I believe that I will damage ears over time if I can’t mute out screaming at work. I don’t need for my hearing to get any worse. I am going to looking into that hearing aid with the mute button on the remote. That sounds like exactly what I want.

Most hearing aids have a maximum that they will amplify. Essentially, sounds you hear that are too loud through properly set-up hearing aids would have been too loud on their own.