Hearing Loss- Scared and upset


I’ll give you a brief bit of info on how my problem came about.

Its probably worth mentioning that i worry about everything! Especially anything to do with my ears!

About a year ago i started my job at an airport as a storeman. One day walking across the apron back to the hangar a turbo prop aircraft was started up. As i was carrying something at the time i plugged my left ear with a fingered but my right was exposed to about 20 seconds of noise. I estimate it to have been around 120db (about as loud as a concert i went to 3 years ago which gave me T)

On returning to the hanagrs stores i didn’t notice any problem straightaway. But after 5 minutes i thought i’d cup my ears and see if they where ringing. They weren’t but i noticed a slight loss of hearing in my right ear.

Over the next few days i focused and obsessed over the problem. I was always plugging my ears and checking them. My right ear felt pressurised. It was about this time i started trying to pop them, by pinching my nose. I found i could easily pop my left ear but my right simply would not pop all it did was hiss and squelch (if that makes any sense). I also found that if i cupped my right ear and pumped on it slightly my ear would crack and pop. I also found that if i placed my finger behind my right ear (into the soft part) and pushed slightly it would also crack this way. Sometimes cracking then minutes later cracking again of its own acord. (I say cracking as im unsure what the noise was. It was almost like the ear drum popping in)

Eventually i went to the doctor and he said i had a slightly retracted ear drum and gave me some anti biotics and nasal spray. These drugs did nothing to help and slowly i slipped into depression which ruined my relationship and caused me to loose my house.

Skip forwards a year and i’m still suffering with the same problem. My ear feels pressurised and like it wants to pop (or be popped with a pin). I still feel i can hear better with my left ear than my right.
I went to the doctor again today and he has refered me to the ENT. He mentioned i have a lot of wax i n my left (good) ear and only a slight bit in my right (Bad) ear. Im so scared that he’ll clean out the left and the hearing loss on the right will become even more pronouced.

During the time i’ve had a constantly blocked nostril on the right side which when it unblocks i feel slightly normal.

Everyday i’m full of anxiety and can’t help but worry constanlty about this problem. I dare say its ruined my life :frowning: I don’t want to feel like this forever. My son’s due to be born soon and i don’t want this problem over shadowing what should be a new and exciting time for me.

Well thats my story,

Well I’m no doctor but, I think you should go see an Ent, get your ears cleaned of the excess wax and then have a hearing test done so you know exactly where you stand regarding your hearing. Since you say you worry about everything, especially your hearing(?), and your worries lead to depression, and that your worries could overshadow the birth of your son, then you should seriously consider seeking psychiatric help. Hearing loss, although an inconvenience is NOT the end of the world, we all learn to deal with it and accept it. You seem obsessed with it, to the point where you are letting it ruin your life and overshadow the beautiful moment that is about to happen, the birth of your child.
Go get help.

i came on here looking for bit of advise and support from people i thought may know how i feel. I’m unsure why you think i 'm b’sing.

Im not saying that my problems caused me to have a failed relationship, im saying the problem caused me lots of stress which attributed to a failed relationship which in turn caused me to have to move out and leave our house to her.

The hearing loss is not primarily my main problem, its the feeling of pressure i get with it.

And yes i do need help for anxiety and belive it or not i’ve tried to get it. Today while at the doctors i asked for some help be it perscribed or other wise but was told not to be stupid. This is not a helpful reply and if you knew how i felt about these things then you may understand.


Like I said, go see an ENT and have your hearing checked, and then go see a psychiatrist, not you general practitioner.

When I lost some hearing in my left ear, I felt a fullness and a little pressure. I was told that at least the “fullness” feeling was how people with hearing loss describe how they feel. For me, a hearing aid cleared up the problem. (Although I did get used to the fullness a little after several months without one). May be worth it to go to an audiologist and see what they say. I have some moderate loss in high frequencies and was told I wouldn’t benefit from a hearing aid, but I had good luck with a Phonak Audeo Yes IX and now have an Oticon dual mini m9 which works great. Good luck, I hope it works out.

You need to see an ENT (era, nose and throat specialist) who will give you a hearing test but will also check to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with your hearing. Many audiologist, and many states, require you see an ENT prior to you seeing them, or will require you to sign a waiver that you have been informed and have decided not to see an ENT before they will see you.

Sorry, I should have said after you see an ENT or that if you see an ENT, they will probably refer you to an audiologist.

Murphy, not a problem. I just felt it needed to be emphasized to this individual, his need to see medical doctors, in an attempt to further alleviate his concerns.

the forum is not a place to seek medical advice. GO SEE A ENT!

My heart goes out to you. I know how I felt when I realized that I had lost a substantial amount of hearing due to a prescription that I had been given. As everyone has said, the ENT should be first on your list and then an audiologist. then come back and let us know how it went. My prayers are with you.