Hearing loss after sleep one side ear only


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I’m new here :slight_smile:
I’m person with profound hearing loss, so I wear the hearing aids.
I have problem with one side of ear:
One day after woke up, I noticed something wrong with my right side ear. I did put my hearing aids and I felt uncomfortable sounds - I heard the difference sound between the both of side.
I’ve checked battery, put new one and problem is still.
I’ve checked pipe of earmold and it looks fine.
Next my thought is about wax inside ear, I bought ear drops and after some use still feel difference in hearing.

Next I went to my GP, checked my ears and said the both side are clear. Gp suggested me a problem with hearing aid. OK, I went to audiologist, did new hearing test. And on right ear hearing loss went down about 15-20dB lower than old one.
Since some years, my hearing loss didn’t change for long time.

Do anyone can explain this situation? At this moment I’m waiting for doctor for explanation.

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I had the same thing happen, but left it far too late to get a good recovery. So I’m glad you have a Dr’s appointment. The Dr’s couldn’t give me an explanation either, all I got told was “one of those things, now both ears are the same”. I’ve since found a new ENT.



I had a similar problem with my left ear. I went to ENT and he put a drain in that ear. It then came back to normal. He said it was more than likely allergies.



It means that you’ve had blocked ear and drain helps.
My father has got tumor near hearing’s nerve some years ago. And he feels bad hearing slow and after surgery stops bad hearing. Nowadays he hears bad still.



Hi, what does that mean to put a drain in that ear? I have one ear that suddenly got worse a couple of years ago and shrugs was all I got. I even went to one of those relatively famous guys that write published papers. He barely gave me the time of day.



I’m not sure how it’s done, but the next day I got a lot of drainage out of my left ear and my hearing returned to normal. The fluid had been collecting behind my eardrum.



You need to be seen by an ENT pronto! Sudden hearing loss or additional hearing loss becomes an emergency situation. If you wait too long the loss will most likely become permanent.

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I went to my ENT and said that got “bad day” and many people got worse. For me it’s weird explanation. They didn’t know what is cause this problem… Actually fixed hearing aids setup and feel better now. Thank you for all replies