Hearing loss after clubbing

Hello, my name is Johnny and I’m 21 years old. I have had good hearing all my life (slight tinnitus in both ears after an accident with fireworks while I was 8. Beeping, barely audible except at night).

Let me start off by saying that I never go to loud places and rarely use headphones in fear of worsening my tinnitus. In June, however, I went to a club with a couple of friends. The music was relatively loud. We stayed there for two hours and afterwards sounds were muffled and my ears were ringing like crazy. Could not hear a thing. This lasted only a couple of minutes though and everything seemed to be back to normal. However, a few days later I noticed that I could not hear people properly when they were in another room. I also had a tough time hearing people who spoke with soft voices. Next thing was the tv. People sounded like they were mumbling at times. No use turning up the volum as the other sounds would become too loud. Used all my energy trying to pick up what they said. In addition I now had a whoosing sound and a loud beeping in both ears (slightly louder in my right ear). My ears feel warm (inside) and I have an annoying ache from time to time. I decided to go to visit my doctor two weeks after the incident and he did the tuning fork test and looked inside my ears. He said that it was most likely a noice induced hearing loss and referred me to an ENT. As I was waiting for them to contact me I made a few observations:

  • I went to a cafè with some friends and had few problems making out what they were saying even though it was crowded and background music (could not hear much of the background music though).
  • Talking to people in the backseat while driving my car. No problem. Hearing what people said on the radio, almost impossible.
  • Music now sounds weird. It’s like some instruments are completely missing. For instance I cannot hear acoustic guitars with other instruments present (I can hear the sweeping sound of changing chords). The snare drum also has a different sound to it. I was surprised because I could now hear instruments and synthesizers in the background that I’ve never noticed before.
  • In movie theaters I need subtitles to understand what’s going on. Also the loud sounds have become almost unbearable (recruitment?). I was thinking about leaving several times during the movie.
  • I can still hear birds, the rustling of leaves, raindrops, cats purring and mosquitos. I realize that speech sounds are complex, but still.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

After 1.5 months it turns out that my doctor forgot to contact my ENT and thus my appointment isn’t until the 29th. I just needed to share my story as this has been bothering me for two months now.

Edit: I took a test online with noice-cancelling headphones. With them on I discovered how loud my tinnitus has become since I haven’t used them since the incident. Holy cow!
250 15 db
500 15 db
1k 15 db
2k 20 db
4k 20 db
8k 10 db
I tested with both ears at the same time and I know it isn’t accurate. The website said to add a 10 db tolerance so that makes it 20-30 db hearing loss at those frequencies. Any comments?

I went to the ENT today and had my hearing checked. “Unfortunately” the tests were normal. I don’t understand it because I have noticed a big change in my hearing. He referred me back to my doctpr to get blood tests and a full health examination. Should I demand a brain scan? Any other advice?


It is certainly possible that you have experienced changes in your hearing and yet still test normal.

Yeah. He said there was nothing they could do. I dont understand whispers and 50% of what is being said on the tv when on normal volume. Do I have to learn to hear again?

Follow the ENT’s advice and go back to your regular doctor for the workup. You could also get a second opinion from another ENT.

Several years ago we had someone on this forum who had similar issues and complained he no longer heard like he did before the prank his friend played on him (I think it was fireworks), anyway, the feeling was that he must of had super good hearing before the prank and although he still tested in the normal range he had lost some of his hearing and he knew something had changed. The experts at the time told him in time he would adjust to his new hearing and I believe he said he did in a future post. I’m not making this up you can look up his posts under the name dipshit or it was Dipshit he is from India. Good luck!

Neurologist next. Not too optimistic, as I fear this is a “hidden hearing loss”. I keep asking people to repeat themselves, watch videos multiple times to get everything they’re saying and so on. Often I hear the wrong word and so my replies don’t make any sense. Embarassing! I keep asking people: “Did you hear that?”. Like when my cat is purring right next to me and I can’t hear it, my brother hears it from across the room! As far as I know that’s a low frequency sound. My quality of life has decreased by 30-50%. I know there are people on here with almost no hearing at all, but it is still a loss to me and it really affects my life.

what the mod has advised, you may go for … as looking back into the somewhat similar hearing problem, it may come back with some better help in figuring things out

You might want to try a hearing training program called LACE from <www.neurotone.com>. Stands for Learning And Enhanced Communication & was developed by an ENT Doc at University of California at San Francisco. The Home Edition costs $99.00 downloaded to your home computer. I just started using the program (have HAs) & plan to have my wife use it as soon as she is fitted with new HAs. Supposed to help retrain the hearing areas of the brain.