Hearing aids sold at VA (US)

Found this interesting showing sales figures and percentages for VA.
I was surprised at how Sonova (Phonak) dominates. The article may have a paywall, so
I’ll summarize: (numbers are approximate) Sonova-53%, Starkey 16%, Demant (Oticon) 14%, GN (Resound) 8%, and Widex/Sivantos- 7%.

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But over my almost 20 years getting aids from the VA, it s different from clinic to clinic. It seems to depend on the audiologists, and in some cases the veterans. We have for the most part 180 days to decide if we like the aids are not, and the veterans that know the system ask for the aids they like. I have had Siemens aids and Oticon aids. And have been asked when time for new aids what aids would I like. But I believe it does depend if the veterans have a service rated hearing loss or if they are veterans that need aids and it wasn’t a loss due to their service.

I’ve found that in the Southern Calif. area, the audi’s really promote Phonak above all others.
Some have admitted their comfort level with Target softwae is higher, and the standard bluetooth is a factor, as well.

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Sounds about right, the small clinic I go to seems to be Oticon, Phonak, and really any of the brands that are available except Widex

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I received my first pair of aids from the VA several years ago, before I found this site or did any real research. My VA Audi said she thought the Oticon would best suit my needs. I’ve received 3 more sets over the years and have never discussed any other brands with er since these work fine for me. The old if it ain’t broke don’t fix it analogy applies for me. I know about all the other brands out there now but I see nothing earth shaking that would make me want to change. If and when that eventually happens I may change. But, my aids work well with my phone and streamer and I love the rechargeable batteries.