Hearing Aids and Xray Machines

i usually dont wear my HAs during the morning. as such when i board a train going to work, my HA which is in my bag, and pass through an xray machine(similar to those in airports).

my question is will this shorten the life of my HA? as to the battery will this also shorten its life??


xray machines to get on trains? they would go through in your ear or in your bag. why don’t you wear them in the morning? anyway, a xray won’t impact your aids or batteries. but take them out if you ever have an mri.

A couple of months ago I wore my HAs going through the machines at a couple of US airports with no problems.

My manual says don’t wear them in a X-ray machine am also MRI or CAT scanner.

an X-ray machine in an airport is not the same as getting a medical grade X-ray. but, again why carry them around when you could be wearing them?

i dont wear them yet because of the early mrning rush :slight_smile:

no volume control or mute? whatever floats your boat. just wondering where you live you have to run your bag through xray for a train?

i am from the philippines. all people who ride the commuter train must past their bags throughthe xray machine

I doubt that HAs use or need this

My manual says this too. Does this include dental x rays? I so did not know this.

I was seriously injured in a fall the first week of December and had about 20 x-rays, 3 CAT scans and an MRI within the 1st 24 hrs and not once did they ask me if I had my HA’s in my ears and it clearly said on my chart I wore HA’s. However, I had given my HA’s to my wife while in the ER so I didn’t have to worry about the hospital losing them. I have had 3 more x-rays since and each time the tech has said the x-ray wouldn’t cause any problems with the HA’s since it was directed at my back and not my head and that is the only time they ask patients to remove their HA’s.

In my manual, its says X-ray, CAT and MRI scan can cause damage to the HAs and should be removed.

When I had my MRI they asked a whole lot of questions regarding metal and electronics (pace makers, or any other metal from previous surgeries in my body but they never mentioned hearing aids, however, if I had them in my ears perhaps they would have told me to remove them. As for the x-rays and CAT scans they never asked me it I had my HA’s in, but as I said they weren’t looking at my head just my back and ribs.

My HA’s come out right away at the dentist’ office…if there are sounds I DON’T want amplified, it’s their equipment.

I’m not in the US but when I’ve had MRI scans, we full out a form and it mentions, do you have hearing aids. It even asks if you have a cochlear implant I guess coz some people altho should, maynot be aware that they can’t have a MRI. The MRI team wants to make sure on everything.

Anything with metal in it and an MRI scanner don’t mix and it can kill you! Several years ago we had a lady killed while getting an MRI in the Bay Area when something was drawn into the scanner while she was in to tube and it struck and killed her. In the U.S. we too are either asked or have to fill out a questionare prior to getting an MRI.

Xray tech here, no they should not interfere or damage your HAs or batteries. The only thing that would be affected is film. I have had my phones around xrays for 10 years now. Its never affected them. I am looking at getting my own HAs soon and thats one of the last things I am worried about hurting it. I would be more worried about dropping them in the sink or toilet.

to actually damage it you would need nearly 3-4 times an immediately lethal dose. And I am not sure that would hurt it either.

however MRI, do not take them in the room. They will be damaged.
xray and ct are all right. but you can play it on the safe side.

LOL!! With my hearing - and luck - I’d be slammed by the train cuz I wouldn’t hear it coming unless I had my aids IN. I’ve worn my aids through maybe 1,000 or more airport x-rays - no problem. But YES, I always, always remove them for any kind of medical or dental x-ray just to be safe. And for sure if I was getting an MRI I’d tell the technician to write notes on a clipboard as my aids would be OUT.

I’ve also traveled with spare aids & batteries in my carry-on and checked luggage. Neither has seemed to affect the life or performance of either one.

So … picturing that MAD RUSH you have in the mornings … is it really SO crazy that you’d go without ears? Why not forego putting on your pants instead? Y’see how silly it is?

I am thinking that since this question has been put out for discussion the HA’s in question now would be 5 years old or replaced regardless if they were in an x-ray.