Hearing aids and nausea

Does anyone else become nauseated after wearing their hearing aids for more than four or five hours?
This happens a lot; am I simply super-sensitive?
Thanks for your input.

The ear canal is supplied by the Vagus Nerve and stimulation of this nerve can cause nausea and also coughing. I had nausea when I tried small domes on my RIC Linx aids. I could not tolerate them from about 24 hours after the change to the smaller domes. I think they just moved too much and irritated the canal. I find the real ear measurement probe can sometimes make me cough also. You don’t say what type of HAs you wear but there could be a problem with incorrect fit. I have no problem with my Phonak open medium domes on the standard receiver. Talk to your audiologist as they should be well aware of this sort of problem.

Thank you for your response, Carol. This makes sense.cI wear Rexton Trac 42 and recently the fitter switched my domes to the smallest ones possible. I’ll check with him about going up one size.

You might also want to talk to him about a custom mold, it might work better and eliminate your problem.