Hearing Aids and motorcycles

I frequently ride a motocycle. Is there one brand or type of hearing aid that is better under these conditions? The wind, I understand, can be a factor.

The helmet may only work with ITC or CIC hearing aids, and still may have feedback. As far as something pressing or covering the hearing aid and not having feedback, I’ve had good luck with Resound Alera/Future (BTE RIC) and Starkey Destiny CIC.

try iic if ur canal is big enough

Why aren’t you wearing earplugs to protect what you have left of your hearing?

Last thing I want to do is amplify noise to injure what is left of my hearing.
When I ride, I wear ear plugs …

Fully agree. Earplugs. My favorite ride, an Aprilia Tuono, is fairly quiet, but wind noise alone is reason enough for earplugs.

I also have to agree that using ear plugs is the way to go. I need hearing aids, and will soon have them.
I suspect one of the reasons for my hearing loss is the fact I rode for many years without ear plugs. I probably have several hundred thousand miles on bikes of various types since I was a kid. I’ve worn ear plugs faithfully for the past 10 years. I wish I would have started 60 years ago.

Hmmm aren’t there specialized helmets that have a earmuff headphone/mic set up built in. You do need to hear the traffic around you especially with all the text-ers and cell users that are as impaired as bad or worse than drunk driver.

maybe they make a setup that will block out the base of the motorcycle muffler but allow other sounds through a mic system set somewhere behind a wind break earmuff setup “might” allow the aids to function without feedback.

what kind of riding style are you? low rider, chopper, etc? so when I look online for helmet I can try to find one that matches the riding style and clothing. bad match racing style helmet with chopper or Harley.

Hearing is not a major issue for motorcycle riders, in my opinion. It’s more important to protect your hearing. Exhaust noise is not often the main issues; it’s wind and road noise.

Helmets should be chosen for their certified safety ratings and a good fit. Period. The silly skull caps worn by a lot of cruiser riders do zilch.