Hearing aid tip stuck in ear, help

So the hearing aid tip I have came off in ear and i can’t get it out. I feel stupid for having this happen, has this happened to anyone? How do I get it out, its pretty in there cause it’s so small.

This as happened to me before i got custom molds which i needed anyhow. Have someone you trust with tweezers gently latch on to it and gently pull it out. Try it yourself first, careful.

Thanks for the advice, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one this happens to. I tried with the tweezers, but it made it worse, so I went to a walk in medical clinic & had them remove it. I’m going to need a custom ear mold I think. I think I must be putting the tip too far in.

I haven’t had it yet but I understand it happens more when the dome/tip is old. I’m cautioned about it every time I have an adjustment. I check the tip to make sure it is on fully, every time I put mine in.

That happens occasionally, I used to see it quite often with Rexton/Siemens aids but they’ve changed to the snap domes so they don’t come off any more.

I recommend checking to make sure your dome is on securely before you put the aid on. As the domes wear out, they don’t grip as securely can can come off in the ear.

You can always use a SMALL drop of super glue to hold the dome on if it continues to be a problem.

Had this happen multiple times, but there was once where the tip went really deep inside my ear, to the point where it physically hurt a lot. Eventually, a friend got it out with tweezers and the tip came out a bloody mess. Apparently it happens a lot when my ears are moist right after a shower or something like that.

This has happened twice to me and I needed to have an ENT get it out each time. I did learn my lesson. First I always check that the dome is firmly on the receiver before inserting it. I push the dome stem backward to make sure it is on as far as possible, then I pull gently on the dome to make sure the dome does not move off the receiver. When removing the aid, my audi taught me to first take the aid out from behind my ear and than pull straight out gently on the receiver wire to get the dome out. Previously to take the aid off I was frequently just pulling on the middle of the receiver wire which removed both the aid and the dome at the same time, but put more tension and created a sharper removal angle for the dome. Since I have been doing this I have not had the problem happen again.

Super glue or plastic model cement will hold the domes on until you need to change them. The model cement seems to be more forgiving.