Hearing aid smartphone app delays


Is the smartphone app to control your aids ready to use as soon as it appears on the screen? When the Phonak Remote app on Android opens, it isn’t ready to use yet. It still has to connect to the left and right aids, which can take some time. If the app loses focus for any reason, it has to connect to the aids all over again when it regains focus.


Same thing with the Oticon ON app. The app has to connect to the aids each time it opens. I keep the app open and rarely need to close it for any reason. So starting the app and waiting for the aids to connect isn’t much of an issue for me.

What I find a bit annoying is one aid or the other will disconnect and reconnect many times a day. It affects communication with the ConnectClip so I have one or the other aid losing connection during phone calls and while listening to audio books.

The Oticon ON app has an Event Log that shows how often the aids disconnect and reconnect.


In a week with Resounds and the Smart 3D app on Android, I’ve found the app ready to use almost every time I’ve opened it. Very convenient compared to Phonak Remote.


With my Resound Forte’s, the first use after I power the aids on is delayed a few seconds while the bluetooth connection is re-established, but the connection is persistent after that.


A week or so later and I’m getting annoyed. When the app loses connection to just one aid (almost always the right), it leaves the error sitting there and doesn’t try to reconnect. Force-stopping the app usually gets things working again. This is on Android, Samsung Galaxy S7.