Hearing Aid Repair

Has anyone ever heard of this hearing aid repair place in Florida near Saint Pete?


Thanks for your help.

No, but they misspelled “Wal-Mart” which is scary. :eek:

AND misspelled “hearing aid” (hearning aid)!!!

They also claim that they can replace the technology inside your hearing aid and upgrade it for only $175 - SCAM


Thank you all for the posts.

Thinking about re-casing a set of Phonak ITC Exelia Art aids.

My advice is stay away, obviously.

Send them to Phonak via a professional. It will cost more but it will be worth it.

Don’t know if these guys are inexpensive or not, but the link was emailed to me awhile back by a person who used them and was satisfied with their service. I have never used them and don’t know anything about them other than from this person who commented they had a customer for life.

Last November I had a pair of ReSound Pulse hearing aids reconditioned by ReSound. I went through my audiologist, and it was $260 each. It looks to me like I got new aids in return. That’s $15 per aid cheaper from the manufacturer than the price at the website you posted. I feel better now! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s good to know, but I assume that you meant $160 each, right?

I’m personally a little skittish about having repairs done by an Internet third party. I keep thinking “what if they lose them or break them or they come back sounding strange?” If you use the manufacturer, they will make good on any mess ups. That’s my thinking.

No. If you read through more closely, a repair with re-shell is $275 on the website.

To quote:

“What If I Need A New Case?
If your hearing aid fits loose, or it has been stepped on or chewed (dogs love hearing aids), then you may need a new custom mold, often referred to as a re-case, or re-shell. This is $275 and also includes repairs to the electronics with a 1 year warranty.”

Mine definitely were in new shells, albeit BTE casings.

Either way, I like the deal I got by comparison.

Gotcha. Forget about reading more closely, I should have just read it period! Lol. I didn’t bother to go to the site because I thought GN Resound charged about $150 per aid (if out of warranty). My mistake.

Thanks for everyone’s input.

I have used hearinghaven in Houston with very good results. I would recommend them to everyone. The reason for asking the question about the other repair place is based on a re-shell or re-case for $80 per aid delivered. I would have to mail impressions with my aids to get that price.

I would rather send the aids to Phonak if the price were close to hearinghaven but don’t know what Phonak charges for out of warranty re-shells.

Thanks again for all the responses.