Hearing Aid Problem


I have noticed when wearing my hearing aid, there are certain sounds or words that seem to vibrate or resonate in my ear. I’m not sure what the right word is to describe this. It is so bothersome.
Has anyone else experienced this ?
Thanx for the feedback


Hi Laura - I get that sound when my aids are turned up too loud. When a loud voice or word comes through, it will almost seem to shake my head!
Is your aid new or are you new to wearing an aid?
Is your aid set at a comfortable listening level?
Do certain voices cause this or does it vary?
I’d talk with my audiologist if there is no pattern to it. Perhaps a frequency adjustment to your aid, if possible, would pull down (lows?) and help you out.
Good Luck!

bherring1964 is right…it sometimes just takes a slight adjustment in a frequency or two. If your audi has speech mapping or at least some form of real ear tests (where they stick a tube into the ear with the hearing aids and measure the sound output), they should be able to pinpoint any canal resonance.

Also, some hearing aids such as Sonic Innovations have in-situ dynamic range tests that can help alleviate this problem.

Thank you for help help. I will defintely get back to my audiologist to see if he can fine tune.
You hit the nail on the head when you said it somtimes shakes your head.
It happens randomly. Not all words or sounds will do this. Sometimes it happens even when I speak. Drives me crazy!!!
The volume doesn’t seem to be too loud.
I have had this aid for about a year now, I just cannot seem to find a comfortable range.
When I first got this aid the sounds appeared to be loud, but I believe that was because I was not use to the new sound. It seems comfortable now, but I had always had the problem with the resonating. I thought that it was something I was suppose to get use to.
It takes me a while to adjust when I get a new aid or when adjustments are made. Some people seem to get use to them right away, but I seem to take a long time.
I wonder if by adjusting the lower frequencies, will it cause me to hear other peoples voices lower when they speak to me.
Any input on this ??


Hello again Laura,

I can speak from my experience only but, taking out more low frequency gain than my “best fit” would indicate from the audiogram helps me and makes voices sound “sharper”.

At 250Hz my loss is only about 30dB, it drops to 50dB at 500Hz, and then falls way down to a 75-80dB loss at 1000Hz and stays there out to 4000Hz.

When aids are programmed to my “best fit”, I get too much “bass” sound. I then have my audi knock out 5-10dB at 250 & 500Hz and things sound much better. Other peoples voices, and mine, sound crisper and sharper.

When you ask about hearing other peoples voices lower, I’m not sure what you mean but if you mean “bassey”, it should be just the opposite. You should be able to up the overall gain just a touch if needed without running into too much feedback (I hope).

Hope this helps you. Please see your audi and try a change. Good Luck! :wink:

Thank You so much for replying. This has been a great help to me. I plan on getting with my audi on Monday. I am going to ask him to give this a try.
This is what my last hearing test showed in Feb.
5000Hz–90db This may have been at 6000Hz. Not quite sure. He wrote on the paper so I really can’t read this number.