Hearing aid gone crazy!

This morning my left Audeo Smart ix went crazy. It produced about 5 beeps and then both sides started producing two different frequency tones every second until I shut the left aid off. It sounds like a slightly higher pitched version of a Euro Emergency vehicle horns. I’m going to go looking in online literature, but thought someone here may have some experience/


That’s Phonak’s new Personal Earthquake / Tornado / Hurricane / Typhoon / Tsunami Early Warning System.

Sorry … couldn’t resist … Have a great holiday season though :smiley:

It seems that it had something to do with the left aid being upset about the state of Bluetooth (5 beeps) and then getting into a conversation with the right side. I was finally able to get both the behave themselves but don’t know the exact cause of the event.


My Exelia Art aids did something similar to what you describe. The aids were beeping and jumping around to different channels by themselves. The aids were sent into Phonak for repair. This was done through Hearinghaven in Houston Texas. They have another office in Dallas Texas. Not a problem since.

Good luck

These are history on the 28th when I get Ambra HS ITE to eliminate my problems with hairs scratching mics and perspiration shutting down battery.

BTW left aid is responsible, and it did it again first thing this morning.

I think it has to do with Bluetooth, but don’t know why it is intermittent. I got it running yesterday morning and it was fine until this morning.

I was able to get it going for a couple of hours at the office and then it cratered again. I wish it would shut down instead of going wacko!


Phonak has indicated that there are some known troubles with the new spice aids and abnormal signals with bluetooth operation. They are requesting that if these problems are experienced that the aids need to be sent in for repair (in most places a turnaround of 3-7 business days). Sounds like you may just want to tough it out until you get your Ambras, maybe try to stay away from bluetooth if possible until then.

I’m getting a pair of loaner Smart Yes ix today. Nobody knows what the cause of this symptom is. It comes and goes in the left aid, (mostly comes now).


Hello this is my first post, I’m just trying out my first ha’s. Started with Oticon Agil Pro, now testing the new Phonak Audeo Smart S series (Spice platform), which was just released a couple of weeks ago. I like the Phonaks overall but I have been treated to several spectacular anomalies - crazy warble tones, unexpected feedback, whistling, and random wonkiness. When I told my audi, he called the rep, and the rep reported he had just gotten a memo from US headquarters that “some” of the early batch of units were malfunctioning along these lines and should be returned for replacement. Apparently they’ve already dispatched a replacement pair to my audi, and I’ll report back o the results…

I had some beeps the other day which seemed to come out of nowhere, in my left aid. It wasn’t the battery beep as the batteries went about six more days before needing replacement.

I was playing around with the four programs and the volume and I wonder if I might have confused the hearing aid circuitry in some way as I muted it (or opened the battery drawer, I can’t remember) to reset it and it has been fine since.

Digital is nice, and computerization is nice, however, if there is any glitch at all in the software that runs whatever, then some intermittent problems can occur. I think what I experienced was a one-time thing. If it should happen again, I will start keeping a log of the circumstances leading up to this ‘happening’ to be so my audi’ and I can keep an eye on them.

My loaner Audeo yes ixs are not programmed into my wireless equipment.
I have EPG 2.6, but don’t think that I can get the iCom and iPilot to recognize them without a programming interface for the aids.
I can talk to the wireless by USB but of course cannot connect anything from my laptop to the aids.

Is there a way to recover my wireless connections before I get the Ambras on the 28th?


Most likely talk to your audi, have them reconnect the aids to the iCom and myPilot. Then when you look at the settings on your own system, DO NOT save any changes you make without having the aids connected to the computer. If you want to make any changes to the iCom on your laptop with the iCom connected via a USB cable, you will have to buy the kit needed to connect your hearing aids at the same time. Otherwise, the iCom will see that it is not paired to your aids and lose its connection to them.

This has been fixed and any new products ordered should not have these problems.