Hearing Aid Fit and Chirping Noises at Higher Volumes

I recently took my hearing aids in for a cleaning and adjustment. My HA specialist originally had my HAs set to 80% volume and on this trip she raised the level to 90%, along with a few other adjustments.
In addition to that, she replaced the RICs on both HAs since I was complaining about the sound quality from my left ear. It sounded bad at higher volumes… not so much when you turn the volume up loud, but when I listened to a podcast via BT or the TV connector, it would kinda chirp and clip on certain louder sounds the talker made when they speak.
So, now I have new RICs and my volume is up to 90%… and with the new settings the chirping and clipping is far worse. I have to use my app and turn my volume down to -2 or -3 from the the usual 0 to make the TV sound decent. With podcasts, I have to turn the volume down so low it’s hard to hear before the chirping goes away.
Now… for how this relates to fitting. If I press on the soft area behind my ear lobe, I can make the chirping noise almost disappear. The lower frequency sounds also improve when I do this. So… I think it may be related to the fit, but I really don’t know.
So… has anyone else experienced this? For what it’s worth, I have Kirkland Signature KS9s, but I think if this is a fit issue, it could apply to any similar style HA.

Do you have domes or ear molds, it does sound like sound is leaking out around the domes or ear molds.

I have to agree with cvkemp, sure sounds like a fit issue. The proof is when you push on your ear and the chirping stops.
A dome change or earmolds might be needed.

My friend had chirping noises and it was because she’s near the max power of her hearing aids.

She wears Phonak Sky Q70 UPs.

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Thanks for the replies. I suspected a fit issue. I’ll bring it up with my hearing specialist.

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I have the Oticon Xceed 1, I’ve noticed when I’ve gotten up against the max limits it’s more of a distorted sound rather than a chirp. When the fit isn’t right it’s more of a feedback sound, although the new hearing aids don’t feedback like the old ones did.

that’s an interesting one I usually get things like this because of the earwax but I will be trying out the same one like yours soon hopefully

Follow up… The chirping/distorted sounds have decreased dramatically over the past couple of weeks. Podcasts now sound fantastic. I no longer have to turn the volume way down to make the chirping/distorted sound go away. I was ready to storm back to my specialist but I have not had the time and in the meantime things just improved. I have no good explanation for it other than maybe my ears adjusted to the slightly larger domes and now make a better seal.