Hearing Aid Dryers

I was wondering if it is better to go for a commercial dryer that has a fan, UV light etc or just use a plain desiccant beads in a jar version for looking after my digital hearing aids? Anyone have any experience with this?

Summers are hot and humid and Winters are dry and cold here.

I live in South Georgia and use a lot of the dryers for patients. You really want to consider one of the Ear Technology Dryers for long term use. The jars are great for weekend travel, but the fan dryers are much better over the long haul. For example I worked with some VA’s and when they dispensed Dry and Stores to the Vet’s we guessed it reduced the return for repairs by about 70%. There is also a new dryer by Serene that seems good. Good luck!

Here in St. Louis the humidity can be horrendous. I used a dry jar for a while and didn’t get much from it. Now I do use a drying box with a heat source, fan and light and have much better luck.

Dry and Store. And the fact that you live in a humid climate is not the only criteria for weather you need one of these or not. If you wear any type of ITE aid most moisture will come from you and not the climate.

I use the Global II Dry and Store for my regular use and a small bead jar for when I travel. Much better results from the Dry and Store. It doesn’t cost that much for what you get, and I’m also not convinced that I have to change the briks that often.

Many thanks for the replies to my post. I am visiting my audiologist tomorrow and will ask her opinion. They supplied me with a plastic jar with a desiccant pillow inside when I purchased the aids but I am interested in protecting my investment for the long haul in the best way possible. I am not sure that the jar is the best device for drying my Resound Alera BTE aids. :slight_smile:

I noticed some dryers don’t use desiccant beads or bricks. Does anyone know if air flow dryers are just as effective? I am also leaning towards the UV light as well.

There is another thread on this site where someone claimed that the warm air without the desiccant works just as good. Also on that thread is some tips on reviving the dry brik by placing them in the microwave. Has anyone tried this?

Do you all throw out the Briks after 2 months or what?? I never quite get to the “end” and I can always hear the beads inside.

As I look at the Brik, I put it in last April and there are still beads rolling around.

The beads don’t disappear. They are what absorb the moisture from your aids. After a couple of months they become saturated with moisture and are no longer effective.
When you throw it out there will be the same number of beads that it had from the beginning.

They do sell a reusable brick that when saturated you put in the oven to dry it out and then you reuse it.

For the Dry & Store? Links please. I have a Dry & Store Zephyr and would be interested.