Hearing Aid Dryers

Any recommendations? Are they necessary? Zepher? Thanks for your replies.

There’s another long thread on this subject, but in a nutshell, dryers are very helpful and desirable. The Dry and Store products seem to be very popular. I have used one for 8 months and am very pleased with the results. I haven’t had any problems commonly associated with high humidity.

Could I ask you what brand you use? I see lots of them on internet. Thanks.

I have only used the Dry & Store Global myself for just over a year now. It stopped the constant repair trips my previous pair of CIC’s were making. Whatever you get, make sure that it is an active rather than passive device. You want to ensure that it pushes air through the system, not just has drying beads. Both the Global and the Zephyr models are Active, blowing warm air through the system as well as having the dessicant bricks.

I have the Dry and Store Professional, and a Dry and Store Global II, and prefer the germicidal capability those have versus the Zephyr. The Professional needs a well-seated dessicant brick to operate properly, looks like a nice jewelry box, and has tray that pulls out easily.

The Global is smaller, looks more high-tech, but the lid is hard to open one-handed once it’s shut.

That is my only complaint on the Global … the lid does not stay open on its own accord. You must hold it open with one hand while placing the aid in with the other. If you let go of the lid it will slam shut with the chance of breaking the blue light bulb in it. I do not have any problem opening it with one hand though.

Here’s what I use. I like that it’s inexpensive and also rechargeable.
Click -> HERE.

The lid on mine will stay open - all the way open, while I put my aids in, without any assistance.

EDIT: I have the Global II, with the lamp moved into the dryer, and not in the lid.

I’ll stick with my Dry and Store, thank you. With the money I spent for the aids, spending a few more bucks to keep them properly maintained and increase their longevity is worth it.

AMEN!!! Totally agree. I used one of those little jar ones before and it did nothing … true it wasn’t an air-tight seal … but for the money spent, and the importance of the aids … why take chances going cheap when the cost is not even that great to go much better.

eartech is pretty much a one product company… Dry and store really delivers…

I bought a Zephyr today from my provider…could’ve gotten it a bit cheaper on the internet, but not much cheaper. The little green light is glowing so I guess it’s working. Thanks for all your replies.

One more thought on this home-made system … you must have air in the enclosure for the moisture to be circulated and carried to the dessicant. Placing them in a vacuum would defeat the dessicant’s value.

Were talking about a simple vacuum sealed container. There is air inside the container. A container with no air inside would be an absolute vacuum. That is, a hypothetical space which contains no matter, and whose absolute pressure is defined as zero.

And speaking of defeated values, I really wonder about the value of a germicidal ultraviolet lamp. It only kills germs on the surfaces that face the lamp. I guess you could get up in the middle of the night and flip the HIs over to kill germs on the other side. But wait, you are just going to put the germ free HIs back on tomorrow and if you didn’t bother to use a germicidal ultraviolet lamp inside your ear canal then I don’t see the point???

Sorry, I automatically distrust a drying system that requires you to purchase a lifetime of proprietary desiccant. I know some of you like this product. But I can’t follow the logic about why.

"That is my only complaint on the Global … the lid does not stay open on its own accord. You must hold it open with one hand while placing the aid in with the other. "

Mine stays open, though there’s a very small margin for doing so. The lid is heavy with the bulb and electronics in it. If the unit is resting on a small spacer under it’s front feet ( like two pennies thickness), the small rearward angle facilitates the lid reposing in the open position.

I understand Neilk’s comment now. You each have the original boxy Global, and I have the newer roundish Global II with the lamp in the base and nothing in the lid. The lid on the Global II stays up, but it’s hard to open with one hand since it clicks shut and locks onto the base - two plastic pieces snapping together.