Hearing Aid Dome, How do you know when the dome is pushed in too far in your ear?

Am I supposed to feel pain? If not, then I’m worried about putting them too far because I don’t want my ear to get damaged.

No pain Jason. Talk to your audiologist. It could be that your domes are either too small or too big. My guess is that too small would make you push them in too deep. Mine fit real tight but no disconfort. Tight means they won’t fall out. I have never had any disconfort in 6 years. Not normal.

I assume you have either BTE or RIC aids. If you can push them in that far, the tube or lead is too long.

Guys I don’t feel pain, I’m just asking if that’s the only way to know if the dome is pushed in too far.

Can someone answer this please I got an appointment with my audiologist next Monday and I’m going crazy.

Look at the wire. See how it curves near the dome? Looking in the mirror, with the body of the aid in position behind your ear, push the dome in until the curve of the wire is flush against your head. That would be the ideal position. You may need to push it slightly in to get it to stay in place, or, flush against your head may be too far for it to stay in place and you may need to pull it out slightly, but somewhere around there should be perfect.

When you push it in until the curve is flush, if it seems to be trying to pull up at an angle, the receiver wire may be too short (there are different lengths). If, when the dome is pushed in you think there is too much wire left and there is a gap between wire and head, the receiver wire may be too long.

Ok, but how do you know if the dome is pushed in too far into your ear canal?

I explained that. You know it is right when the wire lays flat against your head.

My wire wouldn’t stay against my head when they were too small. They slipped out as they were sliding around. A snugger fit and they stay in place.