Hearing aid battery shop - Returning customer rate is on the rise


For anyone considering purchasing hearing aid batteries in our online shop, this should give you extra confidence. Our returning customer rate has been on the rise, with the most recent rate at over 13%. The average for all months was 7.8%. I just stumbled on this graph in our Shopify admin and though it was great, and wanted to share. Thank you to all the forum members who have helped to support our efforts.

As an aside, I fully expect most people to have rechargeable hearing aids in a few years, so we might need to consider diversifying our product selection :wink:


Also just realized we are approaching one year of running the battery shop. This was posted in mid-November 2017: Hearing Aid Battery Shop Launch Promotion

Just a reminder to our forum users that you can use the discount code FORUM for $2 off any order. To be clear, when you use this code, we break even, so it’s about as good a deal as we can offer. Really appreciate you all for being part of the community.


this is just strongly due to some manufacturing defect i also used power one
in pack of 60 battery (10 cartoon) around 1(6 battery) cartoon from 4 is bad just after inserting new battery i cant connect to my phone to enable adjustment through phone. but after change of battery it works again.
from remaining 6 cartoon i have to see what happen i firmly say it will be just whole cartoon bad i have thrown continuosly 6 battery from single cartoon.
it shouldnt be power drainage issue. i also run for 4 full days(24*7) with 2 disconnect of 6 hours( 7-1/2 day for 12 hours a day) with fully connected to phone(BT 4.2 LE) to change settings without drop. in this time i havent streamed. it will consume more battery. its intens test for 6 month for size 13 battery wireless approved.toherwise no issue.
promote size 13 LOT no. 6317x. hence no issue for running time


@parth_p Are these batteries you purchased from us?


if you do not mide what label is wireless approved that means
older battery witout beige cant be used with new aids?


I don’t see any orders on file for you. Can you send me a private message with your email associated with your shop account. I’m still a little confused on whether you ordered the batteries from us, but if so, we’ll get it sorted for you.


i havent purchased from your site.


Sorry about that, I misunderstood. Thanks for quoting that bad lot number. I’ll make sure we don’t have any of those. Our stock is constantly turning over, so it probably isn’t an issue.