Hearing Advisor Recording Differences

First, I want to thank Hearing Advisor for their site and evaluations. At the very least, their evaluations are a good place to start on the road to hearing aid selection. With those statements, is it just me or can anyone tell any major differences in the Speech in Noise or Speech in Quiet for any of the major brands (top 1 thru 35). Slight different yes, major no. Might be my poor hearing, but would love an opinion.

Meant Speech in noise and speech in quiet recordings on the Hearing Advisor site. Sorry

Hello @Diver50, that’s an almost perfect symmetrical hearing loss you have, classed as a ski slope loss, in this instance it’s more akin to a ski Jump loss… Yeah, most of the major manufacturers make excellent aids, do they sound different, in most instances, yes they do, and much depends on which fitting formula you are using… But I am reliably informed, some excellent Audiologists, can get 2 different brands, to sound very similar, with perhaps a fair bit of tweaking? Most hearing aid users, kinda stick to the same brand, we eventually get to like that Phonak sound, or indeed Oticon, or perhaps Starkey, or whatever brand is your personal preference, we are creatures of habit, so when we upgrade, we tend to like, more of the same… Cheers Kev :wink:

I have been trialling Oticon Intents, ReSound Nexias and Phonak Lumity 90s and for me, the Intents were noticeably better at handling SIN. General speech recognition was a bit better. But we are all different and our hearing loss is different. And IMO your audiologist will have a bigger impact on your outcome than your choice of aids.

The best way to find out which works for you IMO is to trial different aids and compare them.

Thank you for the replies. I was really interested if anyone can tell the different for the audio recordings on the Hearing Advisor site for the major hearing aids. Especially Hearing in Noise and Hearing in Quiet. I really only find minor differences and wanted other opinions on these recordings. Mainly curiosity. Thanks

Sorry, mine was based on real world experience.

I only listened to the top 3 quickly and to me, there was a huge difference in the Hearing in Noise for 1 compared to 2 and 3 as well as a big difference between initial and tuned. For Hearing in Quiet, 1 and 3 sounded similar (and are scored the same) while 2 was very different; 2 was also very different before initial and tuned.

So the scores for the top 3 seem accurate.

The speech for Hearing in Noise was very annoying and very fake (or at least I don’t now anyone who takes with such variability).