HeardThat App Beta Review

I downloaded the app last night and was able to try it briefly, <10 minutes, today while at work. Nothing certain just yet for feedback, but did take note of some of the settings.

With noise removal at 1 and the voice setting at directional, I didn’t note any real difference. However setting voice to omni, there seemed to be a slight decrease in ambient noise whenever someone would speak.

A note regarding my work environment, I’m located in a telco central office, equipment ambient noise is 50 - 70db depending on where you are standing.

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Do you have to leave the phone on a table to catch conversations?

I used it at lunch break, so at the time, yes it was sitting on the table. I haven’t tried it any other way as yet.

Alright, so after having tried the HeardThat app for a little bit, here is my thought on it. IF I have my aids muted to outside sound, it works quite well, however with a bit of a delay. It does clean up voices quite well in my work environment described above.

However, if I don’t have the aids muted to outside sound, it creates just a garble of sound and does not at all help with intelligibility/clarity of any speaker.

We really need to know how your aids are connected to your phone. Classic/mfi/ASHA?

Oticon opn s, connecting to Samsung with Android 9 via connect clip.

Thanks. You’ve got all the latency of Bluetooth Classic to contend with. It was never going to work for you.

I believe Bluetooth classic and the open hearing theory of Oticon, are both at fault, if you will, for my experience with the app.

Enabling the Oticon open sound booster mode within the app does reduce the background noise and increase speech clarity as I believe heardthat intends their app to work for other aids.

We might have to disagree. If that were true, people wouldn’t be able to use tv streamers. If you take away the latency, the streamed audio masks the sound that enters directly. My understanding anyway. I’ve never used a tv streamer.