Hear the rain

I discovered that without hearing aids I cannot hear the rain hit my car, but with hearing aids I can hear it. I always wondered what I was missing and now I’ve found at least one example of something I’m not missing because I use hearing aids. It’s a little harder to determine exactly what I might be missing from conversations, but for me the rain on the roof is a reminder that hearing aids are helping me.

Hearing the rain is just the beginning. There is sooo much more.

After a few months when you get used to your aids you will really discover the difference when you don’t have them. Like breaking one or loosing one or forgetting batteries.

It’s great to hear again!

Have fun.

It’s so true that you don’t realize what you miss until its taken from you and it could something as simple as listening to the rain Its nice being able to enjoy the simple things in life that most people take advantage of.

The first experience for me was birds chirping in the park. Using hearing aids can be frustrating but the joy of hearing something not heard for years is worth it.


My Oticon Agil Pro RITE’s work well also.

The other day I was riding my racing bike (Trek Speed Concept 7) on my usual time trail run at just over 25MPH. As I passed a marshy area, I could actually hear crickets chirping away. It was amazing.

I remember driving home from the audiologist after getting my new hearing aids and hearing a noise coming from the transmission. It sounded serious and I got concerned that there was a major problem going on. I turned off the hearing aids and the problem went away :wink:

Fasted repair I ever made on my car :slight_smile:

Wow wind block must be incredible on those Agil Pro’s , or do you just ignore the roar of the air.

Wind noise filtering is pretty good on the modern aids. I trialed a pair or Alera 9’s and when I walked outside from the Audiologist office it was a very blustery day. There were leaves doing a tornado dance in the parking lot about 10 feet from the door. I could feel the wind blowing pretty good across my face and making my hair whip around. I remember being amazed that I could not hear a very loud roar from the wind. But I could hear the leaves scraping across the pavement just fine.

Since I got mine (first pair, last October 22nd), I have had my audi’ turn up the default volume setting about three times! At first, the barrage of sounds was too much for my brain to handle, the sounds were more of a distraction than anything.:confused: After I got used to having them, it seemed that I was fine turning up the volume two notches each day, so after about a month, I ended up going back to have the volume turned up. I went once again, I think to add a bit more volume.:rolleyes:

Then, just this morning, I had her turn them up pretty much more than she has all along, I felt “ready” for the sounds! I had also had four separate programs in them which I had her add, but then whenever I would compare the three additional ones over the #1 Default Program, I decided having all those extras was really more of a distraction, as every one of them essentially sounded the same – that is, if there WAS any difference, I could not hear the difference with my hearing! So, she turned off the three additional programs and just left me with the normal program, a volume control on each aid and a mute on each aid.:slight_smile: The mute actually gets used more than I thought it would.:smiley:

Example – the other day I was at my computer and my wife came into my office with the vacuum hose. I just muted both aids and then everything was fine.:slight_smile: That is, until later when we went out together and I could hardly hear her, after a bit I thought something was not right, that she should be hearing me, and I thought I should be hearing her better than I was. I touched the volume on one of them and it instantly came out of MUTE! I had to apologize to her for coming down so hard on her for not speaking up (when she was talking fine all along, I just couldn’t hear her)!:eek:

Even she said after the whole thing “I thought something was wrong that you weren’t hearing me as well as you have been!”:confused: So, even after nearly four months (Oct. 22 to Feb. 16), I am STILL LEARNING THEM and still getting used to them!:o

Realistically, I would say it would probably take a new wearer about four to six months (or more – depending on severity of correction needed and type of aids purchased) to get completely used to them! :eek:

I still have to go through spring, summer and autumn with mine and all the different insect and bird sounds that go along with the seasons!
I am really looking forward to THAT!:cool:

If you are reading this, thank you so much for all you have done to help me! You are always in a cheery mood and always happy to help the customer, I can tell!
Thank you!

I’m trialling Agile Pros and there is almost NO wind noise. Now if they could figure out how to make my HAIR not make crunching noises on the mics…drives me nuts…

Or loud clicking noises from eyeglass arms touching the body of the aids!

I remember the first time I wore aids-5 years ago. I walked outside and thought the birds were having a fight or something-their chirping was SO loud! It was just normal bird noise, of course. It was then that I realized how much I had been missing.

I just got my 1st pair of aids Feb 14th… 2 days ago. I walked out of the office and a paper cup was blowing around on the pavement and wow what a sound… I haven’t heard trash sound so good before. I live in the country and there is a small farm 1 mile away and I heard a rooster crow from my back porch. Lots of new sounds out there. The wind block works great on my audeo smart ix aids. I was afraid that the wind would cause problems but it didn’t happen. The sound of cooing of my great grand baby was the highlight. Jack

Maybe itc aids are the way to go.
Everybody seems to be pushing the bte aids probably so they dont have to make custom moulds .

HAHAHA thats great! I gotta go with the birds on this one…I can hear the birds without my aids, But with them, it sounds like there are many more.

I stopped 3 times on my way to my car when I first got my HA, was wondering what was that noice I was hearing… My own footsteps… lol

I agree with Agils Pro on Wind, no trouble with that at all