Hear All Vitamins

Are these any good? Has anyone tried them?

It’s gotten mostly reviews but I don’t know if they’re all legitimate.

Save your money. If they worked everybody with hearing loss would be taking them and there would be some scientific evidence showing that they work.


Unfortunately, a lot of the supplements being promoted online for most significant disorders (I.e., M.S., cancer, hearing loss, blindness) are at least to some extent scams. There is no known quick fix to cure hearing loss. If there was, there wouldn’t be forums for people with hearing loss and deafness;) While there is some research which suggests that certain vitamins and minerals might play a slight role in improving hearing and/or preventing some forms of hearing loss, there is nothing so far that can actually do what this website claims: “support hearing clarity, auditory sensitivity and circulation, protects cells from free radical damage and maintains hearing cell longevity.” Scientists are working toward finding a cure for hearing loss and deafness, but it is a slow, S-L-O-W process. You can bet that when there is an actual scientific breakthrough, information will be made public via legitimate sources, not obscure websites.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but in my opinion, Hear All is just a scam.


I agree with seb and Kerry, I don’t think it would cure hearing loss. I am also concerned by the ingredients of their ’ proprietary blend’ such as L-Carnitine, N-acetylcysteine, and Gingko biloba. L-Carnitine and Gingko could make you prone to bleeding, especially if you are on blood thinner. N-acetylcysteine is prescription only drug, but not used to improve hearing. I don’t know why they could use it in their non-prescription product. I would steer clear from that.

simply preying on people’s desperation …