Headphones that are hearing aids?


Hey @mwp.

I picked up a pair of Nuras about an hour ago. There’s stuff I don’t like about them. The popping noise they make when you hit the controls. The difficulty in getting a perfect seal (should improve with practice). A bit sweaty. The controls are a bit limited compared to my Backbeat Pros. Definitely wouldn’t want to be doing anything too energetic while I’m wearing them.

None of that matters. The music! I’d be doing a happy dance right now but I don’t want to alarm my kid. I had an online chat with a Nura guy who was very careful to stress that they weren’t designed for those with signficant hearing loss, but said try them anyway. I’m very glad I did. Thanks to you for the recommendation.


I just got back from a couple weeks in Asia. Though a bit bulky, the Nuraphones were incredible on those long flights. I normally don’t need to activate noise cancellation, but I did on this trip, and it was a great experience. I’m glad you like them, despite a couple quirks you found.

BTW, I saw that they demoed new earbuds at CES in January. Nothing about them on the web site, but they are supposed to be out in May. Will keep you posted!