Headband vs real BAHA (is test w/ headband true to how BAHA will sound?)

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I am scheduled to test out a few hearing aids, one of which will be a headband as a sort of trial proxi for a BAHA. Can anyone give me info on whether the test with the headband will be accurate as to how things would sound with a real BAHA? I assume there’s some quality loss, but can anyone please confirm and/or give me solid info on the extent of the difference?

Thanks very much for any help - I greatly appreciate it!

I have the Osia. I really like it. I tried a headband for several different models of BAHA, but only in the office of the audiologist. There’s a dramatic difference between using a headband and having an abutment or implant.

For me, The Osia is brilliant for speech and for restoring the hearing loss in mid and upper decibels. It’s also louder than my old Phonaks; but that’s partly a function of the cheap Phonaks that I wore. I’[m trialing Signia AX and am surprised at how loud they are.

Here’s a good site for Baha users:

there are also Oticon discussions on this same site; look around.

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Thanks very much Jeffrey!

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